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Teen arrested after posing with machine gun on Internet

Police in Portugal have arrested a teenager who set up a personal web page that featured photos of him posing with a machine gun along with cash he said he obtained through crime — as well as his full name and mobile telephone number, a report said.

Marco Guerra, 17, told newsweekly Sabado he was charged with illegal possession of firearms and drugs after police searched the room he occupies in his parents house in suburban Lisbon. “The police came and they took everything: the gun, a cap and the shotgun. They took the computer and now I don’t have access to the Internet anymore,” he said.

Guerra can be seen on the Internet site, which is still up and running, holding a nine-millimeter gun against his face, carrying a rifle and waving a machine gun in the air.

The site also includes photos of a table full of 20 and 10-euro notes and marijuana along with the statement that “through illegal or obscure deals you can live really well.”

If found guilty Guerra faces a jail term of three years for the illegal possession of arms and another two years for the possession of drugs. afp

in http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?p...24-1-2005_pg9_8

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