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Duvida Nas Configs Do Powerpost


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No ultimo post surgiu-me uma duvida: qual é o numero maximo de linhas por part (View->Program Settings->Program / default: 1950) que o ppl mais experiente tem configurado e se este setting tem alguma relação com timeouts por parte da telepac.

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If you post 5,000 yenc lines (and many do), that's like posting more

than 10,000 uuencode lines, and that's too big for good propagation.

Speaking in terms of the ability to spread without article loss:

12,000 uuencode lines --- enormous difficulty

10,000 uuencode lines --- great difficulty

  7,500 uuencode lines --- medium difficulty

  5,000 uuencode lines --- almost perfect propagation

The YENC data line is at least TWICE as wide as a UUENCODE data line.

UUENCODE =  61 chars (60 actual data + 1 'size' char)

    YENC = 128 chars (the standard length, some may use more)

Sendo que 5000 uuencode lines são 2500 yenc lines (mais ou menos), então o ideal será 2500...

Mas cada um tem a sua opinião... eu uso 3500...

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