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Clint Eastwood Ganha Directors Guild


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Já era altura de elevar o nome deste homem aos pontos mais altos do cinema...e parece k este é o seu ano :)

In something of a surprise victory, Clint Eastwood took home the Directors Guild award this weekend for the up-and-coming boxing drama Million Dollar Baby. It was the strong signifier that Baby, which just opened wide this weekend on the heels of seven Oscar nominations, is becoming a force to be reckoned with at this year's Academy Awards, where it's up for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, and Director among others. It was also the first major stumbling block for Martin Scorsese, whose The Aviator, with 11 Oscar nominations, is considered by many to be the movie to beat this year. Most everyone was considering this year to be the one for Scorsese, who has yet to win an Academy Award, and his surprise DGA loss puts a damper on the upcoming fortunes for The Aviator this awards season. While the DGA isn't a 100% reliable predictor, it's a pretty darn accurate barometer of who's going to win the Best Director Oscar, as only six of its past 56 winners haven't gone on to take home the Academy Award. Adding insult to injury, Scorsese has been nominated for the DGA award six times but has never won; Eastwood has been nominated three times, and won previously for Unforgiven.

Other DGA winners including feature documentary The Story of the Weeping Camel (which bested Fahrenheit 9/11) and over on the TV side, three efforts from HBO: TV movie Something the Lord Made, drama Deadwood and now-gone comedy Sex and the City. Genius: A Night for Ray Charles won the TV musical variety award.

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