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Specforces Unleashed


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Techland has released details regarding its recently announced Sci-Fi shooter, SpecForce. The developer, better known for its recently released Xpand Rally and last year's Chrome, has released details of the game storyline which sets the scene nicely for the upcoming game while if you follow the Screens tab above you can view the first SpecForces images.

The game is set in the future, when humanity, united in a Federation, begins to colonize planetary systems in search of natural resources and living space. The rapid expansion which ensues stretches Federation resources to capacity and the ability to control the new territoties rapidly diminishes. The federation resorts to granting terraforming concessions to various rival Exploring Corporations. Entire new planets of the border-space fall into the relentless rule of the mighty syndicates. The new worlds, devoid of the Federation's supervision, become a dreamland for criminal activity on an epic scale.

Humanity inevitably drifts towards anarchy. The situation is made even worse by the increasing number of cases of successful attacks on high ranking representatives of the Federation. The terrorists carrying out those attacks appear to have been using some form of stimulant. The synthetic-enzyme based substance increases stamina, releases aggression and improves motor skills. The results of the investigation indicate that the substance might have come from the laboratories of one of the terraforming corporations.

The gamer acts as an operative of a futuristic special forces unit - SpecForce. Established to deploy in cisis situations that threaten the Federation and equipped with the latest in combat gear, the unit is the Federation's elite rapid reaction force.





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