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Filme Sobre Ian Curtis (joy Division)


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Celebrated rock photographer Anton Corbijn – most renowned for his work with U2 - has been confirmed as the director of the movie. It is his first time as a film director. Deborah Curtis, the widow of Ian Curtis, and former Factory Records boss Anthony Wilson will both have executive producer roles on the film.

The film’s working title is ‘Control’ and is based on Deborah Curtis’ touching book account of Ian’s life ‘Touching From A Distance’. A film documenting Curtis’ life had been planned for a number of years, but Curtis’ family had never been happy with the proposals until now.

Anthony Wilson said at a press conference in Manchester today (January 7): "Whenever Hollywood gets involved in the music industry, the end product is invariably shit. Apart from a few films. ’24 Hour Party People’ was one of them. I think we’ve got the right team together to convey the spirit of Ian on film."

The film marks Anton Corbijn’s debut as a film director. The photographer had a long working relationship with the band, photographing their first ever press shots and also directing the video for their track ‘Atmosphere’.

He said: "When I was growing up in Germany, Joy Division were a band that really moved me. The NME was like a bible and Paul Morley’s interviews with Joy Division really inspired me. Joy Division are the reason I moved to England in the first place."

The film is due to go into production in July. Casting will begin in March/April, and the production team have confirmed that a number of "very established screen actors" have already been approached to play the part of Curtis.

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