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Vocês Queriam Era Um Upload Destes...


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fiz o teste à dias nesta página » Broadband » speed tests e deu-me o resultado acima :- "

- edit -

fiz agora mesmo e já deu certo B)

2004-12-29 09:24:21 EST: 576 / 122

Your download speed : 589908 bps, or 576 kbps.

A 72 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 125825 bps, or 122 kbps.

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deixa ca ver o que me sai sem desligar o bittorrent.

2004-12-30 08:05:09 EST: 1394 / 204

Your download speed : 1427921 bps, or 1394 kbps.

A 174.3 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 209797 bps, or 204 kbps.
well nao ta assim muito mau deixa ca ver desligando o torrent. ainda ta a descarregar as ligacoes do torrent mas, ja nao ta assim tao mau
2004-12-30 08:08:03 EST: 1565 / 377

Your download speed : 1602576 bps, or 1565 kbps.

A 195.6 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 387071 bps, or 377 kbps.

sem mais


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