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The 2.5 Gigapixel Photo


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The 2.5 gigapixel photo

TNO has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world. So, what do we mean by large? After all, modern consumer cameras can easily take a picture with 5 million pixels. Well, we are talking about a photo of completely different dimensions. One with 2.5 billion pixels - that's 500 times more pixels. If this photo were printed, it would measure 6.67 m by 2.67 m (300 dpi). The photograph shows Delft and its surroundings in the autumn of 2004. It was taken from the top of the Electrical Engineering faculty of Delft University, at a height of about 100 m, by TNO.

Posted Image


PS: É possivel tirar a matricula dos carros :blink: por exemplo aquele VW Golf Azul : 58-FL-LL


Posted Image

->> no parque da direita :blink:

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Guest grandenaboverde

como já alguém disse no Forum-Zone. se isto já se consegue fazer utilizando máquinas acessíveis ao povinho, imaginem o que os satélites americanos não conseguem ver.. eles andem aí. ^^

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qual é essa de que falas?

foi uma imagem k encontrei uma vez ou nas news ou num torrent.

"New York Satellite Photo after terrorist attacks.jpg"

são 13.6 Mb e mostra o local do "ground zero" depois do 11/9

dá pra ver as gruas e os camiões a retirar os destroços mas num dá pra ver matriculas e os pormenores k esta permite :-..

tb comparada com esta só tem 9372 x 9372


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