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Nintendo Switch Lite

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Quick notes:

  • Real D-pad on left side
  • Cannot be docked or connected to TV at all  Edit: Not clear if it could be docked for charging only
  • Slightly smaller screen (5.5" vs 6.2")
  • Same 720p resolution
  • Slightly better battery life (no details yet)
  • No kickstand
  • Comes in yellow, grey, or turquoise + special Sword and Shield edition
  • Lighter than normal switch with joy-cons attached.
  • No IR or HD rumble
  • edit: Still has gyro controls
  • Will function with normal joy-cons for multiplayer/games that require motion.
  • *No brightness adjustment (thanks /u/Wyntier) per The Verge. **EDIT: The Verge has corrected this mistake to state that it only is lacking an automatic brightness adjustment sensor. Manual adjustment is still possible. * 
  • $199 price point
  • Launch date September 20, 2019


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A consola ideal para jogar em qualquer lado.A Nintendo Switch Lite, o novo elemento da família Nintendo Switch, é compacta e leve e tem controlos incorporados.A Nintendo Switch Lite é compatível com todos os jogos para a Nintendo Switch que podem ser jogados no modo portátil. É ideal tanto para pessoas que gostam de jo


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