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Hoodlum Vs Reloaded


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Isto entre Teams anda renhido :eek:

Já parace algumas picardias no FNF :- "

Retirado do .nfo do The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth © EA Games pela HOODLUM

Let the :box: begin

Scene Notes:

Well, well, well our ex-friends from RETARDED in their DUPE NFO

of Sonic thought they could just do what they like and attack a

decade plus old scene group and think that everything would be


Such lameness you can only expect from fucking newbies and yes we

shall prove that they are indeed newb LAMERS! Although there is

nothing wrong with newbies (future of the scene and all). But

such people should understand that they will indeed for sure NOT

know it all and get many things wrong. Hence thats why it's best

not to rant in NFOs, unless you have developed the old skool

techniques for it.

Example now to follow:

Lets look at their so, called evidence err.... We mean propaganda!


For starters they go back to the past using the DEViANCE name. A

name they have no right to use. They never invented this name (as

you will see later, we did) and they have no previous leaders from

DEViANCE in their group and have never had. Even though when

RETARDED started they went around telling everyone they were

ex-Deviance! Yes you have been lied to from the very start.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Whats more interesting is the cracker who made that release for

DEViANCE in the past is helping RETARDED via another guy (yes it's

that kind of fucked up a situation) and they sort of end up ragging

their own cracker. With piss-poor leadership like this, now you

know why they are called RETARDED. Dissing your own crackers? You

must be fucking RETARDED and LAME!

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Then they go on about how the HOODLUM cracks (yes CRACKS) are a

type of LOADER approach thingy (originally developed by their own

self hidden cracker).

Well for the record HOODLUM has never done a LOADER crack so, in

fact the RETARDS from RETARDED do not know what they are fucking

talking about. We can only assume their quality crackers were never

consulted when the FUCKED up leaders from RETARDED said this lie to

the entire scene. They like spreading propaganda don't they.

What did HOODLUM actually do that confused the RETARDED leadership

(an easy thing to do)?

Now we shall have the truth and educate everyone against RETARDED


First lets look at what a LOADER crack usually is (something

HOODLUM has NEVER done).



We define a loader as a separate entity which loads the target in

question and modifies the programs flow. Hoodlum have NEVER, we

repeat NEVER done a crack like this, not ever. Only a bunch of

RETARDS would think that or even worse follow them and become more

RETARDED than the RETARDS. Thats what happens when you believe lies

from the RETARDED.



Our cracks are self contained and the program has been patched

already to take a different route from an old style approach. One

patch is made after a DLL is loaded so, it alters the flow once and

only once, but all the game code is still there working! As the

protection is no longer active, therefore the game is cracked!

Err.... which is why the cracks work =]


However the crack for this game is done differently from the above

two approaches. But this time we are not going to say how its

different. That would be too easy! And yes it is different. Let

RETARDED spin some more lies and see how stupid they look, as we

assume they will.

So, we can see that RETARDED has indeed lied to the entire scene.

But seeing as they did that from day one, claiming they were

ex-DEViANCE to many site-ops, whats new?

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Next up RETARDED try to imply that MYTH has weakened the respect of

HOODLUM. Of course only a newbie would say that (we told you we

would prove it). You see the all of the old skool well know that

the founder of MYTH is also the founder of HOODLUM way back in 1993.

In fact this guy invented the group names and the DEViANCE group

name as well. So, to say that MYTH has disturbed HOODLUM in someway

is a complete lie and also quite laughable to the old skool.

It is of course merely an attempt to try and split up these groups,

which would be impossible, as they were founded by the same person.

And these HLM members have worked together for over a decade before


More RETARDED lies of course. The respect that RETARDED claim

HOODLUM had before, came from old skoolers like the original founder

himself so, they really do not know what they are talking about.

It also shows and PROVES beyond DOUBT how RETARDEDLY LAME and NEWB

the leadership of RETARDED is. They cannot simply check facts by

asking around and avoid leaving themselves open to exposure of their

lies. Thus making all the other group members (the people who

actually do something unlike the leaders) open to being distrusted

in the future.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Then RETARDED try to say DEViANCE broke up. This is a lie, what

really happened was that several lamers (and yes they do absolutely

nothing and so, are lamers) were given some small responsibility for

the group, to help out. These guys abused this and turned some (not

all) of the DEViANCE members against MYTH and actually left MYTH.

This is an important point to note, because they actually state

something almost similar to this later on. We shall touch on this

contradiction within their NFO later.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Also they imply that MYTH jumps between iso groups. Hang on sec,

MYTH was always with DEViANCE and it was their coup against MYTH

that started all the shit. So, it was MYTH who was left without an

iso group. A lie that can easily be seen from anyone in the scene.

Even web forum readers can see this one.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Next they say MYTH got its claws into VENGEANCE. Well in fact as

they well know, it was the other way around. Yes indeed there is a

17 point statement on why MYTH left Vengeance, but there is no

security issues in it. RETARDED have tried to claim this, as the

reasons are damn fucking good why MYTH left.

If your elite and we know you from time, you can have this document

on special request =]. Do not get it from RETARDED as they will have

probably abused that too.

You will also notice the sucking up by RETARDED to that specific

Vengeance cracker. A cracker who joined after MYTH left (so, was not

part of the co-op ever). A word to Vengeance, they are after your

cracker, beware!

And to expose RETARDED some more, if Vengeance is so cool, join up

with them. But as you have read the MYTH text on why MYTH left, we

all know you will never do that.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


Also its complete bullshit that MYTH did not have the permission to

use DEViANCE tools, because they are MYTH tools. Hence the MYTH tag

in the cracks! Also as no previous DEViANCE leader is in RETARDED thus,

they are the ones who actually do not have the permission! Where as

of course MYTH does.

Even in the SRR it states a leader has complete autonomy on who can

use said tools for cracking. And that is the CORRECT interpretation

of these rules correctly, as MYTH and the founder of MYTH wrote that

specific rule. So, we should know and we do!

This means if MYTH chooses to help Vengeance or any other group by

giving cracks, MYTH can do so. There is no stealing going on, except

the hardware that MYTH donated to those crackers who betrayed them

and left for RETARDED. How RETARDED will supply the new 64bit

architecture to its CRACKERS in the future is anyones guess. Of

course they will say it "will be done" but they never give specifics

do they. A lack of vision and leadership there once again.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


So, now you can see RETARDED is not a proper group, it was stolen

from DEViANCE. In fact the leaders of RETARDED have NEVER and yes we

mean NEVER started their own GAME group from scratch. They are not

honourable leaders. Where as the founder of MYTH started that group

and also HOODLUM from scratch, which is a scene FACT! To the extent

he named them and named DEViANCE as well. At least Vengeance and

Elegance have the decency to start their OWN groups and not prey on

the hard work of others they built up over years.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


We would also like to take this moment to apologise to Elegance for

duping their release. Yes we can admit mistakes. We would state that

you made a mistake releasing captures, as not only is that well lame.

It will also make it hard for people to trust you with anything in the

scene now. But hey we forgive you and anyway thats not our problem.

Not to worry everyone knows you are not fucking RETARDED :)


Now lets get back to the network issue that RETARDED mention from the

DEViANCE past. If you remember point 5 where RETARDED said DEViANCE

broke up, on the network issue they say DEViANCE split from MYTH.

A contradiction in their own NFO! You can see it yourself. How can

MYTH jump iso groups if there was a split? We stated that they turned

some of the members against MYTH and left to form their stolen

RETARDED group. So, they have lied in the same NFO.

Now we shall prove it and them wrong.

They make comment as if they were the leaders of DEViANCE and knew

all that was going on. Sadly they knew very little, except how to con

the crackers with lies and propaganda! First of all the coders of

this network IRCD are not members of their group. They are of course

in MYTH. So, they stole that too. Second all these members on the old

DEViANCE network were the many groups like WAM that DEViANCE worked


Apparently we hear rumours that WAM has left the RETARDED network.

Something to do with many too many RETARDED lamer newbs being added

there. But of course we cannot confirm this hypocrisy!

So, you see MYTH did not change iso groups. It was down to some of

these members betraying DEViANCE and leaving for RETARDED. A real

split is when a console group splits from your net as you have too

many lamers (black marketers) on there.

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


As for sellers, no one really expects a person to buy rips these days

do they? Rips is for the old skool who are not interested in selling

or buying. In fact if anything it is RETARDED who sell.

This propaganda is based on fake emails that were supplied as

propaganda lies by the evil RETARDED leadership to con some of the

few ex-DEViANCE members into betraying their own group. Some of which

have already returned to MYTH (we do forgive). We love trainers.

To prove it, MYTH does not even accept hardware anymore, let alone

anything else. We buy our own hardware legally for the group as its the

only way to be safe.

Although MYTH does accept elite M******T installers. Hi man =].

Anyway HOODLUM would never accuse RETARDED of working with eastern

European black marketers that BUY leech for RETARDEDs late supplies.

As that would admit they didn't steal our SONIC original (no clone

was out then).

Why do this, are you fucking RETARDED?


RETARDED leadership have not only let down their members badly from

day one, but also the scene. They have consistently lied to everyone

in the scene. In fact we would not be surprised if internally they

pretended there are no real leaders in the group and its all friendly.

But you can bet those who control the RETARDED leech, control the

group and they are the who ones who do nothing. And we mean NOTHING,

but tell the others what to do.

We suggest that the RETARDED crackers gain gadmins everywhere their

sites are and have it permanently to check up on this RETARDED excuse

for leadership. And also the crackers of RETARDED gain a FULL list

(and have it kept up to date) of members so, that they can make sure

no lamers are on their groups net. They will have to get net admins

for this too.

Crackers take control, otherwise who knows what the fuck is going on

in your group. If you think you do not need all this, just look at

the poor FLT crackers if you need more proof!

People of the scene. There was a time, when a crack worked, it was

first working version won. Why change that? When you see RETARDED

dupe another group who they even admit has a working crack. Then

NUKE them and NUKE them hard.

RETARDED leaders actually do nothing of value.

Ask them what they do in the scene?

Do they supply regular (betas do not count)?

Do they crack?

Do they train?

Do they keygen?

Do they do anything thats involved with the actual creation of a


Can they use WINRAR?

Can they use notepad to structure an NFO correctly within 80 chars

(unlike their sonic dupe NFO)?

This is just a guess and we do not want to make fun of cripples,

but we think their leadership maybe RETARDED! Just maybe =]

Entretanto este realese foi nuckada :realfun:

[NUKED] look.inside.the.end.of.the.exe.is.the.STXT.section.





Luke > :coolmusic: <

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Andou tudo sempre enganado era Retarted e não Reloaded

Retarded's são os fdp da Hoodlum... Lame's do c@r@....

Para os mais esquecido's e que só LEÊM ALGUMAS COISAS!!

ELEGANCE QUOTED in Sky Ski Resort Extreme © GlobalStar

Where do we even  start?  We've held our tongues,  we were going to let

    the somewhat mild (at  the time)  propaganda  slide,  but  to Hoodlum's

    dismay they made their worst decision ever in the history of the group.

    Worse than  bringing back  a  great name and ruining it  (with releases

    like Shopping  Centre  Tycoon which speaks for itself,  which is also a


    Ladies and gentlemen,  Hoodlum has decided to use the Elegance  bin/cue

    to re-release out of desperation  our Wings Over Vietnam game, with OUR

    source. Ironic?

    Lesson 1:  When  you want  to  blame  another group for  stealing  your

    "cracks"  (which  of course,  is absolutely absurd)  don't  steal their

    source. Buy the game yourself. We've included some rather incriminating

    and amusing logs of Hoodlum/Myth's  channel just a few hours ago.  This

    is Hoodlum 2004:

    IN #MYTH ON PRIVNET ----->

    (MEMBER_1) Wings_Over_Vietnam-ELEGANCE repack and pre? ;P

    (MEMBER_2) that was a thought..but isn't it a bit late?

    (MEMBER_1) I can fix it in 30mins

    (MEMBER_2) more than 24h to repack something like that..dunno, that's what I think

    (MEMBER_1) when was it pred?

    (MEMBER_2) our rip was yesterday if i'm right...even more than 24h ago

    (MEMBER_3) :\

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: you mean the iSO?

    (HLM_LEADER) you could repack if if you like sure as HLM

    (MEMBER_1) yes

    (HLM_LEADER) if your fast enough!

    (MEMBER_3) surprised we didnt do it when we first found out...

    (HLM_LEADER) I agree

    (MEMBER_1) I'm faster then light

    (MEMBER_4) heh

    (MEMBER_2) go go go :)

    (MEMBER_3) ****; always faster than light

    (MEMBER_4) how old is it

    (MEMBER_2) between 24h-48h

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: no that faster than light was my old saying from DEViANCE which was SHARPER and FASTER THAN LiGHT

    (MEMBER_3) oh yeh

    (MEMBER_3) haha

    (MEMBER_3) thats what it was


    (HLM_LEADER) ****: use this channel for HLM dealings

    (MEMBER_1) ok

    (MEMBER_1) what do I neeed to do?

    (MEMBER_3) ****

    (MEMBER_3) repack .bin .cue

    (MEMBER_3) with hdl's preferences

    (MEMBER_1) ok

    (MEMBER_1) dont need to extract anything

    (MEMBER_3) make sure elegenace's nfo isnt in it

    (MEMBER_3) put our crack in /crack

    (HLM_LEADER) not unless there is nasty Elegance stuff there

    (MEMBER_3) rename label if needed changing

    (MEMBER_3) remake .bin/.cue names

    (MEMBER_3) pack winrar m5

    (MEMBER_3) make sfv

    (MEMBER_3) nfo

    (MEMBER_3) upload

    (MEMBER_5) isnt repacking rls from others is lame a bit?

    (MEMBER_1) m5?

    (MEMBER_1) ok

    (MEMBER_1) well

    (MEMBER_1) there is a Crack dir

    (MEMBER_1) that was our crack already or?

    (MEMBER_1) or where do I get our crack?

    (HLM_LEADER) yeah its our stolen crack

    (MEMBER_1) ok then its cool right?

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: how can it be lame if its the original with our stolen crack?

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: check for any elegance jonx there, we do not want that of course!

    (MEMBER_3) **** you can pm me if you need help

    (MEMBER_1) I didnt see any elegance stuff

    (MEMBER_1) anything special to look for?

    (MEMBER_5) oh

    (MEMBER_5) didnt knew about crack

    (MEMBER_3) ****: /crack directory

    (MEMBER_3) make sure nfo is not in there

    (MEMBER_3) make sure game-label is non-elegeance related

    (MEMBER_3) insert our crack+nfo in /crack dir

    (MEMBER_1) its not

    (MEMBER_1) **** pm me

    (MEMBER_3) save bin/cue

    (MEMBER_6) use OUR crack

    (MEMBER_7) why you repacking and release

    (MEMBER_7) back crack?

    (MEMBER_7) bad*

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: if you want him to use ours, then you will have to provide it. But surly its our crack anyway no?

    (MEMBER_1) **** put our crack in hlm dir on **** if u want it pls

    (MEMBER_6) i allrdy cracked it for rip

    (HLM_LEADER) can you up that then and he will have to repack

    (MEMBER_3) **** stolen crack

    (MEMBER_6) cant connect to ****

    (MEMBER_8) working here..

    (MEMBER_9) hello

    (MEMBER_1) up it to somewhere *** can reach then

    (HLM_LEADER) **** working for me

    (MEMBER_6) **** predir

    (MEMBER_6) wov.exe

    (MEMBER_1) ok

    Now, their own members get uneasy. A Hoodlum member seems to know what's actually going on.

    (HLM_LEADER) ****: we should play it your way as you have it under control :)

    (HLM_MBR1) hey guys

    (HLM_MBR1) before you do this

    (HLM_MBR2) time out for me.. 'night

    (HLM_MBR1) i just want to let you know if its just the mz header you are going for based on a stolen crack its not gonna        work

    (HLM_MBR1) because MZ header is the only part of the exe you can change when using the decrypting method

    (HLM_MBR1) so of course the rest of the exe would be the same

    (HLM_MBR1) and since EGC used the decrypting method

    (HLM_MBR1) that accounts for your similarities

    (HLM_MBR1) i think this will backfire

    (HLM_MBR4) hmm

    (HLM_MBR4) so

    (HLM_MBR4) we should go still or abort?

    * HLM_MBR1 shrugs

    (HLM_MBR3) well, reloaded did it to vengeance

    (HLM_MBR3) and it worked

    (HLM_MBR3) so

    (HLM_MBR3) ;P

    (HLM_MBR4) ;P

    (HLM_MBR4) checking bin for corruption now

    (HLM_MBR1) but vengeance was using myth's tool at the time, and elegance is not using ours

    (HLM_MBR1) reloaded knew 100% since myth was with them

    (HLM_MBR3) yeah but reloaded still stated that it was stolen

    (HLM_MBR1) and reloaded had the coder of the myth tools

    (HLM_MBR1) which is what counts

    (HLM_MBR4) packing brbr in 10mins

    (HLM_MBR3) well dunno , less nuke the better i think , o well

    Professionalism  at its best.  Even we  were  surprised by the  lack of

    intelligence of this group.  Hoodlum is simply a bunch of inexperienced

    kids that have no clue as who that is going on.  We thought we had seen

    it all, honestly.

    Lesson 2:  When you accuse someone of stealing your  crack and/or tools

    make sure that they  actually  did.  We  did not  steal any  crack from

    MYTH (as can be seen by us  releasing  our ISO about  2.5  hours before

    they  released  their rip  [probably ripped  from our source]).  And we

    definitely did not steal any Myth tools.

    There are two basic  approaches to  the Securom 5  protection.  You can

    either begin  by  unpacking,  or by  decrypting.  Elegance,  along with

    various other release  groups,  uses  a  decrypter  to defeat  Securom.

    ANY  decrypter will  make  the  gamefile  look  very similar.  Is  it

    Elegance's fault that we happen to rebuild PE like the  MYTH tool does?

    (that way  being  the most  common  for this protection)  Or  was  it a

    secret? Also, you won't  find  ANY  MYTH  tags in our  exe. 95% of your

    group hasn't reversed  Securom  and  wouldn't  have any idea how it  is

    done. On a game such as this, with a generic Securom  crack,  no custom

    work  is  needed.  The  securom  has  to  be  defeated, and that is it.

    Speculate all you'd like.


    People never change. Myth propaganda still exists to this day. And yes,

    there IS competition. It's no longer (a) Myth.


    Lesson 3: Propers  of  releases  should  come within 24 hours.  Period.


    You can try to bring us down,  but it truly  will  not work.  We aren't 

    going  to  stop  releasing.  We  aren't going  to change our  method of

    cracking Securom.  We aren't  changing  our  core beliefs  of security.

    Hoodlum is washed up.  Myth is washed up.  Both don't  even  know  what

    stability and security means.  We decided to step in to bring  Elegance

    back into the PC scene,  and  the fear  of  new  competition's  got you

    losing sleep.

    On the topic of security, respect the fact we want to remain anonymous.

    We  aren't  here for  individualism,  we're  here for  core values once

    common in the 80's and beyond.

    R.I.P. Hoodlum/Myth.  We  don't expect to see  another release from you

    after pulling something like this.  The fact that  we even have logs of

    your internal  channels  should raise a red flag.


Well well well, the lads in hoodlum thought to show everyone by releasing a

  Safedisc 4 protected game. Whoops, to difficult to crack? Let's just throw in

  a lame loader and hope no one notices! Too bad boys, leave the real cracking

  to the pros.

  Lets take a little trip into the past, the date is October 22nd 2002.

  DEVIANCE released the highly anticipated Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

  However, due to the recently updated Safedisc version which hadn't been

  fully decrypted yet, DEVIANCE decided to release the game with a loader.

  This release was quickly propered by Immersion, since a loader can't be

  considered a full crack. Besides stability issues, end users can experience

  a whole lot of trouble. From virus scanners detecting the loader as

  malicious content, to debuggers and trainer makers not being able to patch

  the exe. On top of all that the loader causes a slowdown in the game compared

  to a properly cracked exe. People playing on high end pc's will hardly notice

  any difference, but when you have a slightly older pc the gameplay experience

  is affected visibly.

  So there you have it, another lame attempt of "Your Heroes" to keep up with the

  real groups out there. Real groups that have the skills, and take the time to

  deliver complete and working cracks instead of writing loaders that take

  minimal effort and doesn't make the game run as smoothly as it should.


  What happened? Hoodlum was among the finest and most respected groups of the

  previous century. We'll tell you, MYTH happened.


  After the break-up with DEVIANCE a while back MYTH decided to hook their claws

  into Vengeance, where they gave them "permission" to use "their" cracking tools.

  We quickly realized they were using tools for which they didn't have permission

  and nuked any release accordingly. After losing all public support and completely

  ruining a new and promising group, MYTH realized that they had once again become

  the focus of much deserved hatred. So they did what they always did, they left

  Vengeance hanging and ran over to HOODLUM. The most hilarious thing about this

  all was their "reasons", observe as we sum up for you, some of the most

  memorable moments of this fine piece of MYTH bullshit:


  (For security reasons we shall not provide the exact document)


  MYTH starts off the document by stating all the "great" things they brought

  to vengeance, among them of course the "MYTH" owned tools for cracking. They rant

  on and on about how they brought in all the cracking talent and Vengeance had

  nothing to show for it. But wait, wasn't it vengeance who just released a complete

  retail version of Half Life 2? A game protected with a range of custom protections?

  A game with which we ourselves had been trying to deal for almost 2 weeks?


  Yeah, no talent at all in Vengeance...


  From there on we get no less then 17 points why they were the poor victim of the

  evil boogieman Vengeance.


  At one point they complain about the number of people inhabiting the network

  where both groups were based. A fun little fact however is that the number was

  about 5 times as big back in the DEVIANCE days. Yet all warnings and pleas for

  a more secure environment made back then fell on deaf ears, eventually resulting

  in a split. And now here they are trying to use these same arguments to talk

  straight their own bullshit? Don't think so.


  They also hit out at another group in their wonderful piece of lamer propaganda.

  To sum it up, they acuse them of being insecure.


  They also go on and accuse one of the groups who actually have the talent and skill

  to make real cracks of being insecure and selling pirated material. And what did

  they essentially base this stunning conclusion on? You guessed it. The name of the

  release group. MYTH accusing groups of being insecure and selling is like the pot

  calling the kettle black. Well known sellers continue to migrate with MYTH between

  groups. They were with them in Vengeance, and they are with them now in HOODLUM.


  For another fine example of just how secure MYTH is. We suggest you all take a

  look at the Elegance NFO of Ski Resort Tycoon Extreme. On the same subject, that

  release was due to MYTH claiming ELEGANCE had used tools stolen from MYTH which

  they had gotten from  Vengeance. Do we really need to point out the obvious

  idiocracy of it all?

  This concludes our little lesson on MYTH ethics. So what now? MYTH shall of course

  respond in their usual way. Claiming lies, deceit and trickery. They will call

  us treacherous for leaving breaking with their pathetic group. They will say that

  they are in fact the ones on the right side. And most of all they will defend their

  cheap and lame method of "cracking" Safedisc V4. They will tell you its faster,

  better and how they all think of you, the end user.


  What do you rather have, a complete and real crack that has been carefuly tested

  and prepared and is identical to the retail product with the exception of the

  copy protection? Or a cheap workaround that spits on everything the game cracking

  scene stands for and isn't even really cracked. If people want uncracked and

  emulated games they can download clonecd's.



  So there you have it, accept no cheap substitutes. We salute the groups that give

  an effort and bring you releases that are cracked. You know who they are.

Hoodlum RiP

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O grande problema nisto tudo são as releases q saiem cá p fora, q dp passados minutos, e dp de já estarem bem espalhas por todo esse Mundo fora, aparece a palavra NUKED.

Isto só resulta em tráfego feito sem qq efeito, ou seja, tráfego esse q nos Top Sites e em qq outro site q seja alojado em máquinas alugadas, só faz com q se gaste tráfego q no final do mês sai a preço de ouro. P dp mais tarde voltar a sair o PROPER, ou REPACK, até mm PROPER.REPACK... isto sim, é lixado!! ^_^

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na nfo k a ELEGANCE Ski Resort Extreme © GlobalStar *READNFO* no fim dizia:

"P.S:We have inclueded a screenshot of HLM/MYTH internal channels to authenticate the logs. Please see evidence.rar for it"

Ng tem o evidence.rar k poxa meter ai pa malta ver??

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