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WWE: Extreme Rules 2018


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I watch NJPW, PWG, Evolve, MLW, Impact yet it's only after WWE shows that I question why I watch wrestling. Every other wrestling company gives me something for the time I invest in it. Every WWE match feels like a throwaway because it feels like they have their chosen few and having a great match doesn't improve your stock in the company.

Look at Juice. Juice wrestles his ass off and gets a push. Buddy Murphy wrestles his ass off and can't even get on the PPV.


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grande Rollins e Ziggler, estragado pelo público. Tanto reclamam do Roman no main-event, o HHH (o Vince esteve ausente e ficou o Hunter a cargo) põe o iron man no main-event e o público faz aquela triste figura


KO I FUCKING LOVE YOU. you too Ruru, AJ e Braun ❤️


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