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Battlefield V


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Este merece um tópico só para ele. Promete.



A summary of EVERYTHING!


I had no idea what to title this. Let me start off by saying this is large post. I have tried to title most of what I can so skip ahead and read what interests you if you wish. Feel free to tell me if I've missed anything, I expect I have. There's so much new stuff and so much has definitely changed for the greater good that I'm just so damn excited. I can't wait to see what the community does with this game.

  • October 11th - play first trial, EA access, origin access.

  • Deluxe edition - October 16th

  • Standard edition - October 19th


  • North of the artic circle through mountains of norway.

  • French countryside.

  • Total devastations city of rotterdamn

  • The rugged heat of North African desert.


  • Conquest

  • Team deathmatch

  • Domination

  • Grand operations. (more on that further down).


  • It's called combined arms. Various missions like tank warfare, assassin paratrooper missions etc. They have said this gamemode is like a halfway point between singleplayer and multiplayer where it can show you the ropes in a relaxing 'sandbox like environment' with your friends. The archetypes and weapons you make in multiplayer can be used in coop and vice versa, more on that further down.


  • War stories are coming back. Similar to battlefield 1, certain people with certain problems to sort out. One of them puts you in the shoes of a young resistance fighter in Norway trying to save your family, skiing is said to be part of this mission(s).


A massive gamechanger. These are essentially fortifications/cover that you can build in game to assist you and your team. Any class can build the following:

  • Barbed wire

  • Trenches

  • Sandbags

  • Fox holes

  • Tank stoppers

  • Ladders

  • Rebuild parts of houses and add onto them

However the support class has a little extra. Not only can it build everything faster it can also build offensive/defensive options such as:

  • Machine gun nests

  • Field cannons


  • You no longer regen to 100 health. Health Regen now goes in stages. For example, if the health bar is split into 4 that'll be 25 health per stage. If you get shot to 1 health you'll only regen to 25 health and so on. This encourages teamplay and careful decision making. Go into a fight, lose health, only regen to half your health, what will your next decision be? Seek health? You don't have much ammo if you encounter an enemy player on the way. Maybe build cover and a depot to get health and ammo from? Who knows?

  • There will be an animation for EVERYTHING. No more magically getting health or ammo by standing next to a box. You physically reach into the box and grab and pouch, or a medic will throw you one. You can grab health from a depot too, this means you don't have to rely on medics as much to provide health, same with the support class, there are now more options.

  • You now spawn with less ammo than ever before, this means you can no longer spawn, run straight into a fight thinking you're invincible, die, and respwan quickly again, you'll have to think carefully upon spawning. However, ammo can be looted from dead bodies.


  • 3D spotting has changed a lot but there is not a lot of details surrounding this, the minimap will not hold your hand as much as it did in the other games, you'll have to listen carefully and keep your eyes open for moving grass and rustling. Apparently hardline interrogations are back too.


  • This has completely changed. You now have a full on revive animation that takes a few seconds to complete.

  • Ragdoll bodies are now server side too, that means you can now DRAG your allies body behind cover that you may have just built in order to do the revive animation in safety. In addition to this because they are server side, if you kill someone in the water, their body will fall down and make a loud splashing noise for everyone around to hear, same if you kill them on a hill, the body will actually roll down and flatten the grass on the way.

  • ANY CLASS can now revive but only your squad mates. However, the medic class can revive anyone on your team. The medic class will also revive quicker than other classes, similar to how the support class can build fortifications quicker.

  • Revives no longer instantly bring you back to 100 HP unless done by a medic. Think of the revive system from rainbow six siege, you go down, you can look around 360 degrees to see if there is a squad mate or medic nearby, you can then raise your hand up and scream for a revive. On the other hand if you're alone because you flanked for example, you can force a bleed out so you don't have to wait to die.


  • They are trying to raise the skill cap even more as players did complain battlefield 1 was a bit too casual for a large portion of the battlefield community. Every gun now has their own individual recoil so you can learn certain weapons and master them. Large calibre weapons can now shoot through walls, you can literally spray down a wooden building with an LMG and you might just kill someone.


  • You can now dive sideways and backwards, not only forward. You can crawl in any direction and carry on shooting as long as your gun is facing toward. This gives you a ton of new options for badass battlefield moments.

  • You can now crouch sprint!

  • Ledge grabbing is now a thing. It is said to require precise timing to pull off so it further raises the skill cap within the game.

  • Dolphin diving will be kept in check so it's not abused.

  • You now jump right through glass windows! No more chopping up a window while a tank shoots the crap out of you. this keeps the flow of the game going and the adrenaline pumping, same with doors, a returning feature from battlefield 1 that allows you to run into door and slam them open.

  • World interaction has improved massively, how you interact with the world and how it interacts with you. You will push grass out the way, lift your ams and wade in water, you will physically slam into walls if you sprint into them.


  • Grenades can literally be caught in mid air, picked up and thrown back, you can even shoot them mid air to explode them. With all the new ammo systems in place too it means there will be a lot less explosive spam overall which players have said is a big problem in battlefield 1.


  • You can tow literally all kinds of turrets. You can tow anti air turrets, field cannons, and probably more. Any heavy vehicle will be able to tow. You will be able to actually use said turrets even while they're being towed!

  • You could tow a field cannon to the top of a hill, a strategic location, and then build fortifications around. You can literally build a supply depot, attach it to a transport truck, and drive around picking up players and delivering ammo and health to your whole team.


Obviously this has improved once again. Maybe not bigger like you might expect but instead it's very precise destruction such as walls falling over the correct way when a tank drives over it, glass will explodes inwards or outwards depending on where the explosion came from. Houses will crumble overtime and structures will bend if smaller vehicle rams into it.


  • When you die you will encounter a squad spawn screen that shows you in real time what kind of situation each of your squad members are in and if it is wise to spawn on them or not. This means squad spawning is overall quicker than a normal spawn. It also means squad wipes now mean something and isn't just an achievement on your screen. If you are the last player alive in your spawn you will be made aware, so you must make your next decisions carefully. It will also tell your who is spawning on who within your squad.


  • If your squad does exceedingly well in battle your squad will rack up points, only the squad leader can spend these points though. They can be spent on things like rockets, as seen in the trailer, supply drops, heavy weapons pickups (like on battlefield 4), smoke screens for pushing, vehicles and more. elite classes and behemoths are completely gone.


  • Assult, medic, support and scout have returned, squads of 4. You create soldiers to add to your company of soldiers and then customise them. Customisation will include: Gender, face looks, face paint, facial hair, hair, clothes, hats, helmets, jackets, shoes, pants, gloves and other little bits here and there. cough metal arm cough Vehicle customisation has returned too of course. Paint jobs, kill tally, logs, netting, even teddy bears.


  • This is class customisation to another level. Highly customisable classes in a skill tree type of system. This literally means sub classes. The best kind of archetype is called an exotic, these exotics are the best in what they do best but they're sort of shit at everything else. An Assult exotic archetype for example, you could become the ultimate anti tank Assult player if you wanted but you might be terrible at taking down planes and infantry. On the other hand you can choose not to be exotic and be a well rounded Assult player if you wished, or just a little better against infantry in sacrifice for your efficency against tanks. If you want to play as a scout for example, what kind of scout do you want to be?a recon paratrooper? A sneaky short range paratrooper who drops behind enemy lines with a surpressed SMG, pistol, throwing knives, smokes? Perks such as silent footsteps and silent takedowns?

  • The more you play a class the more you'll level it up and unlock more specific archetypes. You can change stuff like agility, suppression resistance, explosive resistance, faster healing, build reinforcements quicker, create more suppression etc etc. This system is also implemented on guns and vehicles. Making choices on a skill tree to determine how you want your gun to play. You can change things like stocks, sights, muzzles, chassis, and make it look your own with personal touches, leaves on the barrel or a kill tally on the side, symbols like the ace of spades or material like netting. Different kind of vehicles for different factions too.


Operations on meth. This mode will last Four fictional days, each match is one day. You'll always advance to the next day. The objectives will always change too. One day you might be jumping out of a plane to arm bombs and take out the cannons. The next day might have you on a D-day style beach where you just have to push forward and capture bunkers. And how well you did on day 1 trying to tank out cannons will have a physical impact on day 2. If you only took out 1 of 4 cannons for example you might have less tickets to capture the bunkers with or less air vehicles to assist. Day 4, the final stand, only has a potential to be played. If there is no clear winner on day 3 only then will day 4 be played. On day 4 everyone will only have 1 life and have less ammo and resources, it'll be a fight to the last man standing.


  • Server side updates. Bugs and unliked features can be changed and removed almost instantly without the need for big updates.

  • Promised better communication and stuff like roadmaps to help determine the future of the game.

  • No season pass, all maps and modes will be free.

  • New progression arch and content drops called tides of war. They'll be daily, weekly and monthly challenges and stuff like quest lines and limited time experiences that will reward you with unique items and cosmetics.

  • Transport vehicles are live on the map ready to climb into. Combat vehicles have to spawned in.

  • Large explosions will knock you on your feet if they aren't fatal.


  • Bipods super easy to use now.


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Battlefield V terá sistema de facções

Jogadores poderão criar grupo de soldados e lutar por vários exércitos

DICE anunciou que Battlefield V terá um sistema de facções. Intitulado "Tides of War", o sistema vai englobar todos os modos de jogo e permitirá que os jogadores criem esquadrões - um para cada exército.

No lançamento, o jogo terá duas facções: os exércitos da Inglaterra e da Alemanha. Os esquadrões criados pelo jogador terão soldados, armas e veículos customizáveis. Além das customizações, você poderá desbloquear subclasses para os soldados, que os tornam ainda mais especializados no campo de batalha.

O estúdio também diz que o sistema de facções será "uma jornada em evolução, com novas narrativas ao longo dos meses". Estes capítulos contarão histórias diferentes ao longo da Segunda Guerra Mundial, começando com a tomada da Europa pelas forças nazistas.

Battlefield V sai em 19 de OUTUBRO para PCPlayStation 4 e Xbox One.


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Sobre o teaser:

"Say hello to Airborne: a new #Battlefield V mode where you'll parachute into the battlefield and work with your squad to destroy enemy artillery, or defend them and make sure the threat from above is dealt with."

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Quando é que ha open beta para este?

A historia não puxa muito e os bonecos bionicos ainda menos, mas admito que ha ai qualquer coisa que me deixa curioso.

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4 hours ago, Batunaz said:

Enquanto forem só cosmestics é indiferente.

É indiferente para o facto de ser algo "importante".

Não é indiferente para o facto de terem mentido com as letras todas.


Mas ya, tecnicamente não mentiram. Airlift != lootbox.

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Quanto a lootboxes, podem não ter mentido:

Se esses airlifts forem gratuitos e não forem possíveis de comprar. É possível que se possam apenas comprar os itens exactos que se querem, estilo quero uma camo para a minha arma e compro literalmente e apenas a camo que quero.

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Hum, desse video de 5min se me dissessem que era um DLC do BF1 acreditava plenamente, não vi nada de revolucionario. As animações não têm aquela cena do teaser, os graficos são iguais ao BF1, vi regen e full health ao encostar ao ammo drop...

Não é que não tenha dado vontade de dar uns tiros, mas não vi nada das cenas que disseram que ia mudar.

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Se vem incluído na versão Deluxe... é porque os compras. Directa ou indirectamente.
Pode ser possível ganhá-los, ao fazer rank up por exemplo.

Eu sei que sou parvo a tentar acreditar que a EA não vai ser EA mas pronto, espero que tenham mesmo aprendido a lição com o Battlefront II
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