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No Wrestling Observer de 15 de Fevereiro de 1999. Dave Meltzer:


Dave mentions that "a name to look out for is Brock Lesnar" who is a junior at the University of Minnesota and currently ranked #2 in the country as a heavyweight amateur wrestler. Rumor is WWF is interested in signing him one of these days.


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Como não havia tópico, cá fica.

This is from the Bryan & Vinny Show reviewing the first NXT TV episode after Takeover Brooklyn I


Alvarez: I got an email the night from someone in the company that's at the house show in Tampa [probably August 27th, 2015] [...] and they said 'Bayley is SOO UNNN-GODLY over', especially with all the little girls. This is someone who's been with the company a long long time, and they actually said 'if they can make her do Make-a-Wish, she will destroy John Cena'. That's how popular, like, all these girls everywhere just going crazy for this girl. This girl has got something. This girl is a megastar!

[... he talks about how Vince wanted to make Lana, then Eva his #1 women in the company ...]

So hopefully at some point someone can see what is right in front of the fucking face with Bayley and do something with this girl. She's unbelievable! A HERO to the young girls.

Vinny: I can't imagine why anyone would have any confidence this company to do anything right at this point.

Bryan: Ahhhh, they do a lot of right things.

Vinny: Not with the women.

Bryan: THAT'S true. No, NXT does.

Vinny: That's true.

Bryan: Main roster doesn't. That will not change. I'll predict you right now, it's not gonna change. [...] This is fucked, permanently.


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nao está a abrir os tópicos


Night 1

Owens/Yujiro vs. Umino/Tsuji: 1.5

Romero & Roppongi 3K vs. Iizuka & KES: 0.5

Ishii/Yano/YOSHIHASHI/White/Goto vs. Robinson/Finlay/Henare/Makabe/Elgin: 3.25

Scurll & Young Bucks vs. Fale & GoD: 3.5

LIJ vs. Suzuki-gun: 3.25

Okada/Ospreay vs. Tanahashi/KUSHIDA: 4.25

Cody vs. Ibushi: 4

Page vs. Omega: 4

Night 2

Uemura/Narita/Umino vs. Tiger Mask/Liger/Taguchi: 3

Oka/Nagata vs. Takahashi/Owens: 3

Romero & Roppongi 3K vs. Iizuka/Taichi/TAKA: 2

Ishii/Yano vs. Makabe/Henare: 3.25

Goto/White/YOSHIHASHI vs. Finlay/Robinson/Elgin: 3.25

LIJ vs. Suzuki-gun: 3.25

Bullet Club vs. Bullet Club: 3

Ospreay vs. KUSHIDA: 4.75

Okada vs. Tanahashi: 5.5

Okada novamente a passar a barreira das 5 estrelas lool

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No Wrestling Observer de 18 de Outubro de 1999:


In the newly relaunched Stampede Wrestling, the shows are pretty bad and they're drawing crowds of only 100 or so people. But they have a guy named Mauro Ranallo who does the play-by-play and he's said to have a lot of potential as a commentator.


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No Wrestling Observer de 22 de Maio de 2000:


WWF met with NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion Brock Lesnar again this week to talk about bringing him in. Lesnar has already been training for pro wrestling in Minnesota and people are raving about how quick he is for a guy his size. Verne Gagne also showed up to watch him train. Word is that Lesnar is an incredible athlete and he definitely has a great look, but they don't know if he has much charisma or personality yet. Lesnar's former college roommate Shelton Benjamin is already signed to WWF and working in developmental so it's believed Lesnar is leaning towards WWF. Both WCW and NJPW are interested in him also, but it's thought to be pretty much a lock that he'll be going to WWF.


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No Wrestling Observer de 10 de Julho de 2000:


Dave saw a Discovery Channel show about Ultimate Pro Wrestling School in California. The highlight of the show was a guy named John Cena (Dave spells it "Sena" here) who has the look of a young Sting and does a gimmick called The Prototype. Dave says he has tremendous delivery in his promos. "Until you see him wrestle in the ring, he looks like a can't miss. Watching him wrestle, you see that he needs a lot of work, but if he gets that down, he has a shot at being a genuine star." Cena has a bodybuilder physique and they showed him stocking up on groceries for the week, buying 40 pounds of meat, 35 pounds of chicken, seven dozen eggs and several gallons of milk. Overall, Dave thinks the documentary was good because it showed how hard the road is to making it as a top star. He said the show features a lot of people you'll probably never hear from again and one or two people that may be big stars in 5 years.

WATCH: UPW - Inside Pro Wrestling


No mesmo Observer:


Shawn Michaels must be almost as good a teacher as he is a wrestler. Dave has seen a few episodes of Michaels' TWA promotion that airs locally in San Antonio and says it's the best indie show around, due to the great in-ring wrestling and compares it to 80s-era Stampede. The top star is a guy named Spanky who is fun and has a lot of charisma but he's small (that'd be THE Brian Kendrick). Another guy there is American Dragon, who is a little larger than Spanky and has a lot of potential (and of course, that'd be Daniel Bryan). He does a lot of high flying moves, but hits them like a pro. Dave thinks he tries to do too much in every match but for as new as he is, he's a great worker. The other one who impressed Dave is a bigger guy named Lance Cade, who reminds him of a young Barry Windham, but not nearly as good yet.


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