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Invision Power Suite 4.3: Coming Soon™

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Já está planeado o lançamento da versão 4.3 do IPS para o início do próximo ano.

Fica aqui o primeiro Blog Post da invision relativo às novidades que podemos esperar.



Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon

Our recent release of Invision Community 4.2 was the most well-received version ever! The feedback we received on new features like Clubs, Reactions, and Promotes was better than we could have hoped and we really enjoyed seeing all the creative uses as people implemented them on their own communities.

We have been hard at work on version 4.3 with a goal of improving on all the great new features. It is well under way and we are happy to able to start announcing what's new over the next few weeks.

Invision Community 4.3 will not only contain new features but also have a core focus on refinement from 4.2's new features. You will see many improvements to Clubs, new integration options, large application improvements, new promotional features, and more changes large and small.



You can expect to see news posts about new features and changes very soon with a release date in early 2018. Follow our news section or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.


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4.3: Scaleable search and interface improvements

Search. Let's be honest, it's not the most exciting feature in the world. You ask to find things, and it shows you what it found.

Simple, right?

It's a lot more complex than that. After numerous tests, a few surveys and many discussions with customers, we've decided that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to search. Invision Community is used on many diverse communities and each has its own needs.

The bigger the community, the more of a headache search can be when you start hitting frustrating technical limitations of the database.

Happily, we've addressed all of these issues with Invision Community 4.3 and added a few extra treats.

Searchable Products and Pages
Products in the Store and custom Pages will now show in search results.

Products in search results.png

Store product in search results

More Customisable Search Experience
One of the most difficult challenges with search is anticipating the scope of the search. If, for example, you're looking for something you know you've seen before, you want the search to be narrow - matching only the exact terms you provide, probably only matching against the title, in the specific area you know where the content is located. If however, you're just doing a general search about a particular subject, you want the search to be wide - matching any of the terms you enter, anywhere in the community, in both titles and content.

For a while, Invision Community has had the option to choose which areas to search, defaulting to the area of the community you're in (for example, if you're in a forum, only that forum will be searched by default). We also provide a number of suggestions on the search result form (in the form of "Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching for..." followed by a number of options) which adjust the scope of the search.

In Invision Community 4.3, we have a new interface for the quick search feature which makes some of these options more visible so you're more likely to find what you're looking for on the first search.

New Search UI.png

New Search UI

Along these lines we have also:

  • Changed the default "Search In" selection to "Everywhere", regardless of where the user is.
  • Added a new setting which controls whether the "Any words" or "All words" option is checked by default.
  • Added a new setting which allows you to adjust how much of a boost results receive for a match in the title, versus the content body, when searching both content titles and body.

You can set default and/or operator.

New Search Settings.png

New Search Settings

In Invision Community 4.3 we are adding native support for Elasticsearch, a third party search engine which offers a number of benefits over searching your MySQL database:

  • Elasticsearch, being designed and indexing data in a way optimised for search rather than data storage, is generally able to match and sort by relevancy with better accuracy than MySQL.
  • Elasticsearch is generally faster. One user performing a search doesn't slow down other users trying to read and make posts at the same time (when searching MySQL, the data has to be "locked" from changes when the search is being performed). It scales very well with very large datasets, and runs very easily on multiple servers.
  • Elasticsearch understands language. If for example, you search for "community", it will also return results which contain the word "communities", understanding that these are the same. Supported languages are Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Dinnish, Drench, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sorani, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Thai.
  • Elasticsearch supports custom functions on the scoring algorithm. In our initial implementation this has allowed us to add settings to allow you to control the time decay (allowing newer results to show higher) and author boost (allowing content posted by the user to optionally show higher in results).
  • Unlike with MySQL, there is no minimum query length and a very small list of stop words.

Elasticsearch Settings.png

Elasticsearch Settings

When enabled, both searches and activity streams will be retrieved from Elasticsearch. The core_search_index database table in MySQL will no longer be populated, so you will not have to store the data twice.

To use Elasticsearch, you can either install it yourself on your own server, or use any of the many excellent hosted Elasticsearch options. The minimum required Elasticsearch version is 5.5.

Developers and those looking to integrate Invision Community features into their own sites will be pleased to learn that we've extended the REST API to accommodate searching. 

TL;DR Se pesquisarem pela palavra "Banana" vai incluir resultados da palavra "Perks".

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Aqui vai o ponto de situação no que toca à nova versão 4.3 da Invision. Vai neste momento no Beta 2 e já estamos a testar na vps de testes do FNF há cerca de uma semana.

Após a instalaçao, existe apenas 2 recursos que não funcionam corretamente e já era de esperar.

  • Tapatalk. Não é possível fazer login. É no entanto possível usar a cronologia e navegar no fórum em guest. Não me parece que vá demorar muito à Tapatalk para lançar nova versão compatível com a 4.3. Vamos esperar até a mesma estar pronta para fazermos o update ao 4.3 quando sair.
  • Dark Skin. Como também já era de esperar, não é compatível, apresentando vários erros. Neste caso, o autor da mesma não costuma ser activo e cheira-me que vamos ter de arranjar outra skin.

A principal diferença na versão 4.3 é a introdução do Elasticsearch. Se decidirmos usar o mesmo, passamos a ter suporte ao stemming search, prioridades e pesquisas mais rápidas que afecta igualmente o View New Content.

Podemos usar o Elasticsearch no próprio servidor do fnf ou num servidor à parte. Neste caso instalamos no servidor do chat para libertar recursos da vps do fnf. A latencia entre ambos os servidores é de apenas 5ms.

As opções default são estas:


Para terem noção na diferença de qualidade dos resultados da pesquisa, fiz uma pesquisa pelo termo "porto" aqui e na vps de testes. A 1ª imagem foi aqui e a 2ª imagem é do 4.3.




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Talvez por nunca terem pensado em fazer um Title Boost como default option previamente, mas atualmente ao fazer uma advanced search e dizer para fazer search em title only costuma dar  bons rersultados.

ex : https://www.fastnewsforum.net/search/?&q=porto&search_in=titles

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22 minutes ago, skaazi said:



Talvez por nunca terem pensado em fazer um Title Boost como default option previamente, mas atualmente ao fazer uma advanced search e dizer para fazer search em title only costuma dar  bons rersultados.

ex : https://www.fastnewsforum.net/search/?&q=porto&search_in=titles

Sim, mas ai apenas vais pesquisar nos títulos. O Elasticsearch tem um sistema de prioridades em que podemos alterar como acharmos melhor. No nosso caso estamos a meter o titulo com 5x mais prioridade, mas também vai procurar nos posts ao contrario da pesquisa que fizeste ai. A cada 120 dias a prioridade diminui e também dá mais prioridade se o post for feito pelo user que fez a pesquisa.

Deve existir mais diferenças porque o Elasticsearch é uma ferramenta feita para isso enquanto esse não é o propósito principal do mysql.

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