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Katsuyori Shibata headbutt to Okada


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Já a algum tempo que queria fazer este tópico

Na sequência desta cabeçada e deste combate a carreira é 100% garantida que acabou 


Katsuyori Shibata is still hospitalized. He’s been in touch with some of the wrestlers via text, and the word is he’s in good spirits and making jokes to some of them about wrestling, such as how ridiculous Yoshitatsu’s new look is. He’s in stable condition, but only family members are allowed to see him. The company is looking to create a new top star feeling there is a major hole to fill, so that may happen in G-1


"Every match I have might be my last match. That's how I wrestle every time. I don't want to change that mentality, ever. Because if I did, I wouldn't wrestle my style of match. And if I can't wrestle my way, I don't want to wrestle." - Katsuyori Shibata (2016)

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A few months ago we didn't know if Shibata would ever walk again. The resilient son of a bitch just walked his way back to the NJPW ring

é o maior comeback da história da indústria, a par do regresso do Kobashi quando destruiu o cancro


"Katsuyori Shibata literally recovered from the brink of death to walk in that ring and basically tell us 'I lived bitch.'"

o segmento completo


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