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Call of Duty: WW2


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Call of Duty: WW2 is getting an open beta on PC through Steam from 29th September through to 2nd October.

The beta will be open to everyone, with developer Sledgehammer Games saying the reason for this is to “Stress test core gameplay systems and online backend infrastructure at scale.”

Sledgehammer detailed the minimum requirements for the open beta:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3225 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • HDD: 25 GB HD space
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660 @ 2 GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 @ 2GB or better
  • DirectX: Version 11.0 compatible video card or equivalent
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
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Alguem joga isto?

Estou viciado no modo guerra do MP, basicamente nao ha killstreaks/scorestreaks, nao ha K/D ratio, nao ha tabela de score, a unica coisa que importa é seguir o objetivo e trabalhar em equipa.


War mode is exactly what Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer needs

It feels good to be back.


“Movement has been tamed, the weapons feel hefty, every bullet counts.”

How times change.

Last year we were all laying intoCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Kicking it around the gutter as it took off into space, leaving fans in its blast radius scorched and stunned. Space combat was perhaps an inevitable conclusion to a series that has gradually morphed over the years into a weird hi-tech war fantasy, but it still burned.

Pretty much everyone registered disinterest although that didn’t stop it from selling. Nothing ever does. Call of Duty is its own thing outside of the games echo chamber. It escaped the frenzy and criticism of fandom long ago. There are only a few games that have achieved that – FIFA, Madden, Pokemon – games that thrive as entertainment or pop culture, no longer shackled by the ‘games’ tag. Every developer wants to be in that position but very few are.


Call of Duty could have continued to do whatever the hell it wanted every year. But the announcement of Call of Duty: WWII has done a lot to reverse its fortune in the eyes of fans. Sledgehammer has come back to the echo chamber where the cries of “back to its roots” still ring loud. Call of Duty is now repeating those very words back to its fans; it’s boots on the ground, soldier.

It doesn’t look like lip service either. The early reveal of WWII was a great set-up. Better still, its recent multiplayer hands-on has reassured me, us, and those lucky enough to play it at E3, that it’s perfectly on track to deliver tight combat with a focus on tactical and skillful play and no gimmicks. Movement has been tamed, the weapons feel hefty, every bullet counts.

War mode is the big addition to Call of Duty multiplayer this year – a hybrid that throws in narrative objectives, Overwatch Payload, Call of Duty Zombies and Battlefield 1’s Operations. Play across a map shifts as teams complete objectives; attacking or defend an outpost, building a bridge and escorting a tank, obliterating an enemy bunker. It gives a full squad of players a real focus and sense of purpose, putting teamwork front and center. That determined push to advance as a united (6v6) force will be what wins the day.

Phase one of the map we played began with a small chateau being held by Nazi forces. As Allies we needed to claim it, a tough starting assault but not impossible. There’s plenty of cover, alternate routes if you look out for them, and even a frontal assault isn’t suicidal if you have someone with an eagle-eye and a Garand backing you up. As Nazi players you’re able to build defenses here, such as hammering shut entrances and bolting a heavy machine gun to a window of your choice. Locking down a lane of approach becomes key, chopping up any players who break cover.


Push the Nazi’s back and the second phase moves to a bridge. Allies need to get their tool kits out and repair it while the enemy takes shots with snipers and mounted machine guns. With plenty of smoke for cover it’s doable so long as our squad takes on roles – there needs to be a lot of defending team-mates as they mess about with a spanner, while someone else should try to flush enemy snipers into the open where possible. You can never have enough smoke grenades. It’s a total killzone around the bridge and you’re going to have to sacrifice yourself and the rest of the troop to eventually get the job done.

“Locking down a lane of approach becomes key, chopping up any players who break cover.”

If you do manage that, through gritted teeth, it’s on to destroying a supply depot. You’ll need to arm a bomb and defend it, while the Axis spawn in and try to clear you out. You can build barriers here and if you’re smart use them to funnel enemies into a particular area that other team-mates can use as a choke point, cutting down players who have nowhere else to go. This turned into a very close quarters fight for us, with shotguns, SMGs, pistols and a spade being the most reliable weapons.


Phase four is the final push for allies as they escort a tank across the map. Stand close to it and it rolls out, but move away from it and it retreats. Although no one gets to drive the tank, it does move quickly and you can use the mounted gun on it to lay down some brutal fire. Combine that with the rest of your team using the tank for cover, lots of smoke and quick wits and you can get that payload to its destination surprisingly quickly. It’s a great final objective to a mode that’s intense and unforgiving but never cheap.

What I found interesting was that it demands sacrifice. There are no killstreaks here and there’s hardly emphasis on kill death ratios or point scoring for the sake of it. It’s all about skill, determination and playing to the objective without any additional help. It felt like it intentionally asks you to sacrifice your soldier, especially during the bridge fixing phase, in order to push forward and succeed. I can see that rankling some players obsessed with stats.


That’s only one War mode map and I’m keen to see more. Shifting objectives keeps everyone on their toes and the gameplay fresh as you move from one goal to another. It’s busy, varied and chaotic, and far more rewarding than stumbling through Deathmatch with an average K/D.It made me realise how glad I am to see the back of all that wall-running, double jumping and ridiculous laser weapons that had become embedded in Call of Duty over the years. It’s not entirely fresh and you could even say it’s familiar – certainly, not much in video games is innovative. But the thrills generated by War mode have reawakened the buzz for Call of Duty that I haven’t felt in some years. I’m very pleased we’re back, heels in the dirt, objectives won or lost with a single shot.

Para mim, o melhor modo MP de qualquer jogo.


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Joguei todos religiosamente desde o 1o, até começarem a tomar demasiadas drogas e inventar merdas de duplos saltos, lasers, correr nas paredes e mais não sei o quê, ai perdi a pica toda, nem ligava um pintelho ao que ia sair de novo e caguei de alto para o CoD.

Com o anuncio de voltarem para as origens ja me despertou qualquer coisa, mas conhecendo os bichos fiquei de pé atras, pois era muito facil para eles de inventar uma merda qualquer para estragar o jogo ao tentar puxar o maximo de guito do nosso bolso.

Fui vendo os trailers e teasers e achei bonito e que provavelmente ia finalmente voltar a adquirir um CoD, mas sempre com precaução, os videos são muito bonitos mas vê-se bem que levaram bastante post-processing para embelezar a coisa, vamos esperar que o jogo saia e vamos ver alguns videos de gameplay.

Saiu o jogo e la fui ver videos de gameplay, ok ok, parece que voltou mesmo para as origens, vai não vai... Qsa foda, vamos la adquirir este novo CoD, vai o SP em veteran e um pouco de MP para matar saudades e quando fartar volto a vender, mas não me vão apanhar a comprar a 70paus, olx com ele, la esta ele a 45paus, vamoximbora!

La fiz o SP em veteran e curti tanto como os primeiros CoD com o mesmo tema. Experimentei um pouco do MP e pronto, mais do mesmo com novos mapas, serve para tirar o bixinho mas ja não puxa tanto como antigamente, mas... assim que experimentei o novo modo Guerra foi logo outra coisa, é praticamente exatamente o que estava a espera que alguem um dia fizesse, um modo MP onde o objetivo é o que realmente importa, não ha paneleirices de scorestreaks, a tabela de score não tem pontos nem K/D, o numero de mortes é totalmente irrelevante e o sacrificio é encorajado para servir a equipa e alcançar o objetivo, ir para a linha de frente sacrificar a vida para tentar aguentar os inimigos nem que seja mais 4s para deixar esses 4s vitais para a equipa preparar a linha de defesa pode mudar o rumo do jogo.


Resumindo, estava com um pé atras com este jogo, acabei por comprar so para matar saudades e agora estou viciado no modo Guerra no MP.


Saiu ontem o 1o DLC, so ponderei comprar no caso de haver pelo menos 2 novos mapas no modo Guerra, so ha 1, fui ver um video ver se por alguma razão ia haver uma revelação qualquer que me ia fazer comprar e nepes, se fosse menos de 5euros talvez ponderasse, agora a 15 paus bem que podem enfiar o DLC no rabo.

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