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WWE: Wrestlemania 34 (2018)


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[SPOILERS] From WON: Current plan for the Wrestlemania 34 main event and build

A lot of times people talk about how there’s no long-term planning but the WrestleMania 34 main event for April 8, 2018, which obviously could change, is set for Lesnar vs. Reigns for the Universal title.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Reigns is beating Undertaker or that Lesnar will have a full one year run as champion, although both could happen. I have no idea of what the finish will be of Undertaker vs. Reigns. The goal is very much to make Reigns the next Cena, which was the plan for Santa Clara two years ago, until they decided to delay it based on fan reaction.

The plan is to once again build for a year and have the big coronation at WrestleMania. The idea between now and then is for Reigns to be the face, not just when he wins the title, but to fully replace John Cena as the lead babyface of the company.



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Não me importava que passassem a WM para duas noites se me dessem algo como:


  • Finn Balor VS. Seth Rollins (C) (WWE Universal Championship)
  • Samoa Joe VS. Jeff Hardy (#1 Contender Match)
  • Apollo Crews VS. Cesaro (C) (WWE Intercontinental Championship)
  • The Revival VS. The Club (C) (Tag Team Title Match)
  • Bayley VS. Sasha Banks (C) (Women's Championship)
  • Roman Reigns VS. Brock Lesnar (Singles)
  • Broken Matt VS. Bray Wyatt (Singles)


  • Shinsuke Nakamura VS. AJ Styles (C) (WWE Championship)
  • Sami Zayn VS. Kevin Owens (#1 Contender Match)
  • Randy Orton VS. Rusev (C) (U.S. Title Match)
  • American Alpha VS. The Usos (C) (Tag Team Championship)
  • Breezango VS. New Day (#1 Contender's Match)
  • Becky Lynch VS. Charlotte (C) (Women's Championship)
  • Goldberg VS. John Cena (Singles)

205 LIVE

  • Akira Tozawa VS. Neville (C) (Cruiserweight Championship)
  • Cedric Alexander VS. Mustafa Ali VS. TJP VS. Gran Metalik (Fatal Four-Way #1 Contender Match)
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WWE is reportedly considering a heel turn for Dean Ambrose that will lead into a feud with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 34. PW Mania reports that there have been discussions about Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins once the Shield’s reunion is complete.


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Preshow will be AJ Styles(c) vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper for the US Title and Asuka vs. Charlotte(c) for the Smackdown Women's Title, neither of which will be on the DVD.
The Cruiserweight Title match will be (face) Enzo vs. Davari, until a bunch of run-ins happen so Stephanie McMahon makes it a (non-title) battle royale. TJP wins.
Next is Kevin Owens (c) vs. Shane McMahon in a No-DQ blindfold match, where Kevin Owens will win when he takes his blindfold off after 15 minutes of feeling around spots.
Next is an inter-brand mixed-tag match with Jason Jordan and Alexa Bliss vs. Chad Gable and Tamina. Alexa Bliss wins in 3 minutes and American Alpha are never tagged in.
Then there's a promo where the Fashion Police are trying to find out what the attendance numbers are, but Stephanie shows up and says she won't let them ruin Wrestlemania and has them ejected from the building.
The IC Title match is Apollo Crews(c) vs. The Miz, which tries to do a double turn when Titus helps Apollo win, but nobody is paying attention because there's a drunk guy in the crowd getting taken out by security. This takes place behind hardcam and there's no footage available of it.
For the Raw Women's Title, it's Stephanie McMahon(c) vs. Bayley, as the payoff for a 6 month feud. In the initial lock-up Stephanie hurts her shoulder and the match has to be cut short, so Sasha Banks comes out and turns heel by holding Bayley's feet down while Stephanie covers her.
Next is the tag team unification match, with the Golden Truth (Raw champs, heel) vs. James Ellsworth and Big Cass(Smackdown champs, face). This was originally going to be a goofy throwaway match, but since Stephanie was supposed to be involved in the main and she's now on the way to a local medical facility, this ends up going for about a half hour while everyone backstage tries to figure out what's going to happen.
Universal Championship match: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Roman Reigns, where if Brock is DQ'd he loses the belt. They have a boring 20 minute match where Roman looks strong by not getting pinned while being suplexed, before he wins by rolling up Brock who's arguing with Paul Heyman.
For the WWE Title it's Jinder Mahal(c) vs. John Cena vs. Corey Graves. Corey Graves still can't actually wrestle, he was mostly put there as a punishment/wild card by Shane for helping Kurt's team win at Survivor Series. Most of the match is Cena vs. Mahal while Corey gets involved only to punch the Singh Bros. and set up table spots. In the end he turns heel by low-blowing Cena and Jinder lets Corey pin him. Cena breaks Ric Flair's record at the next PPV in an verbal debate.
MAIN EVENT: Triple H (originally with Stephanie) vs. The Undertaker (with Shane). This was supposed to be a McMahon vs. McMahon thing but with Stephanie gone they just try to build up Triple H and Undertaker's history. Undertaker is gassed in the first few minutes, and the first Tombstone concusses Triple H who forgets how the match is supposed to end, leading to Shane and Charles Robinson loudly calling what spots he's supposed to do. In the end Shane turns heel by using a Shillelagh to take Undertaker out at the knee, and Triple H makes him tap out with a Single-Leg Boston Crab.
Braun Strowman doesn't appear on the card.


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Nem no pré show. 

A WM vai ser basicamente, 2 combates pelos títulos principais, um 6pack pelo IC title, a azuka vs a loira pelo women da raw e não fazem ideia o que fazer com a Charlotte. 

Depois os part-time. 

Cena vs someone

Shane vs someone

Triple h e Steph vs ronda e kurt

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Brock-Roman, AJ-Naka, Cena-Taker, Miz-Strowman (a não ser que o Braun tenha de ser adicionado ao combate do Roman, porque a bronca dos esteróides pode rebentar), Ronda & Kurt-HHH & Steph, Seth-Finn (Miz também?), Bliss-Asuka, Charlotte-???(pfv Becky), Sasha-Bayley, Usos-New Day

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se a WWE nunca quis que o D-Bry voltasse a lutar num ringue da WWE, basicamente andamos há 6 ou mais meses a promover um tag team match de merda lol.

pior, o Zayn e o KO têm sido o principal foco da Smackdown desde sei lá, desde o shake up praticamente, e acabam num tag team match ou no ARMBAR :facepalm: 

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Após a WM há draft ou shake up, btw o meu post foi no tópico errado

19 minutes ago, GODfromage said:

Pronto já temos o combate feminino que muita gente queria e de repente a Alexa fica sem nada para fazer. 

Alexa vs. Nia! Nia e Roman abraçam-se no final para terminar a WRESTLEMANIA EM GRANDE! THE BIG DOG! OH MY

O Vince está-nos a dar AJ vs. Shinsuke e Charlotte vs. Asuka. Acho que está perdoado pelo Roman no main-event novamente

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