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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood


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4.0 Features

  • Zenos Yae Galvus, the Legatus of the 12th Legion

  • New Areas; Ala Mihgo, Doma and other Far Eastern Locales.

  • New Jobs: Red Mage and Samurai

  • New Level Cap: 70

  • Battle System Changes

  • New Gear/Crafting Recipes

  • Expanded Exploration: Eureka

  • New Beast Tribe: Ananta and their Primal: Lakshmi

  • Increased Inventory Capacity

  • Updated PC minimum Spec Requirements, update to a 64 bit Operating System

  • End of Ps3 Support!

  • Swimming & Diving

    • Replay introduction to Swimming & Diving

  • Interdimensional Rift - Omega, the new Raid

    • The Bend of Time

    • More Story involving Omega in Patch 3.5 Part 2

  • Return to Ivalice - New 24 man Raid

    • Recruiting Matsuno Yasumi and Amemiya Keita

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