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NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II

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Samoa Joe © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II will be headlined by perhaps the biggest showdown in NXT history, as NXT Champion Samoa Joe defends his title against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Since his arrival, The King of Strong Style’s quest for NXT’s top prize has seen him take on the best NXT has to offer. He made a huge statement in his debut at TakeOver: Dallas, defeating Sami Zayn in an instant classic that was the talk of WrestleMania weekend. Nakamura has built upon his first victory ever since, including a huge victory over Austin Aries at TakeOver: The End of The Beginning.

However, The King of Strong Style has always had his eye on the NXT Championship. Nakamura believed he had one last thing to accomplish before challenging for the title, so he challenged the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history, Finn Bálor. In their epic battle, Nakamura emerged victorious after clocking The Demon with the Kinshasa.

While Nakamura was on his journey toward the title, Samoa Joe has been busy carving a path of destruction through NXT. The submission specialist has taken out the likes of Eric Young and Rhyno, and vanquished Bálor in a brutal Steel Cage Match. Despite his domination, Samoa Joe wasn’t happy to find out that he would be defending his title against The King of Strong Style in Brooklyn. The NXT Champion, furious that he was not consulted on the matter, tried to cancel the match and demanded an apology from NXT General Manager William Regal. Regal refused to give in, however, and instead laid down an ultimatum: Fight Nakamura at TakeOver or forfeit the NXT Championship. Joe finally relented and agreed to the match, but warned that Nakamura might not make it to Brooklyn.

Nakamura soon arrived to stare down Samoa Joe, setting the stage for the hardest-hitting battle in NXT history. Which of these vicious strikers will walk out of the Barclays Center with the NXT Championship?
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Asuka © vs. Bayley

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, it’s Asuka vs. Bayley II.

Bayley is no stranger to New York’s Brooklyn borough, having won her first NXT Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Now, one year later, in the very same building, the cornerstone of NXT’s Women’s division will try to make history by becoming the first woman to win the title twice.

Bayley has waited for another chance to battle Asuka ever since she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to The Empress of Tomorrow at NXT TakeOver: Dallas back on April 1. She has had to overcome injury and the imposing Nia Jax, but she has valiantly fought her way back into top shape. Now that she’s using her guaranteed rematch at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, all she has to do is defeat someone who is arguably the most dangerous female competitor to ever come through NXT.

However, as the NXT Universe knows, if there is anyone with enough heart to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, it’s Bayley. NXT’s usually fun-loving, most huggable Superstar is more focused and determined than ever before, ditching her smile for a surprising steely edge in her quest to regain the NXT Women’s Title.

Despite Bayley’s determination, she is going head-to-head with a Superstar who not only beat her once before, but has defeated every opponent she has stepped in the ring with since arriving to NXT. The undefeated Asuka has paved a path of destruction with lightning-quick strikes and suffocating submission holds. And she has done it all with a frightening calmness about her.

Not one to embark in trash talk, the colorful champion employs the use of mind games to gain the mental edge over her opponents, and her run-ins with Bayley have been no different. Asuka has toyed with the No. 1 contender ever since Bayley requested this rematch, but it remains to be seen just how effective those mind games have been.

With an even more focused and prepared Bayley ready for battle and Asuka proving to be as unforgiving and calculated as ever, this title showdown should be nothing short of epic. Can Bayley make history by toppling NXT’s Empress of Tomorrow? Or will Asuka maintain her commanding rule over the NXT Women’s division?
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The Revival © vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa have been NXT’s hottest tag team over the past four months. At TakeOver: Brooklyn II, they finally get their opportunity to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championship when they take on The Revival.

Since arriving in NXT as surprise entrants into the first-ever Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic last fall, Gargano & Ciampa have put themselves right in the thick of the NXT tag team scene. They picked up steam in the weeks following TakeOver: Dallas, picking up huge wins over the likes of The Vaudevillains, The Hype Bros, TM-61 and a shocking victory over The Revival just one week before TakeOver: The End… Of The Beginning in June.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, though frustrated by the loss to Gargano & Ciampa, did not let it divert them from their goal. The self-proclaimed “top guys” reclaimed the NXT Tag Team Championship from American Alpha at TakeOver: The End…, then retained it in a grueling 2-out-of-3 Falls Rematch. Since then, however, The Revival have avoided the challenge of Gargano & Ciampa. Fed up with waiting, the two CWC participants called the champions out in the ring on Aug. 3. And when The Revival tried to sneak-attack them, Johnny Wrestling and “The Sicilian Psychopath” got the upper hand, clobbering Wilder with their double-team superkick/running knee combination, and showing the champions that their fortunes could change in just three seconds.

One week later, NXT General Manager William Regal gave Gargano & Ciampa the title opportunity they had been clamoring for, setting the stage for one of the most anticipated championship matches in recent memory. Can The Revival live up to their claim of being the best tag team on the planet, or will Gargano & Ciampa’s hot streak take them to the top of NXT’s Tag Team division?
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Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode’s arrival to NXT was nothing short of memorable. After months of speculation – and an appearance in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Dallas – the celebrated competitor finally addressed the NXT Universe on Aug. 3, and proceeded to make some very grand claims.

The former World Champion made it clear that he has big plans for NXT, which include, among other things, making the brand glorious. Though it remains to be seen what exactly that entails, Roode didn’t wait long to set his sights on an opponent: Fellow NXT newcomer Andrade “Cien” Almas.

After watching the international Superstar defeat Angelo Dawkins, Roode informed him that General Manager William Regal scheduled a match between the two of them at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II.

These veteran Superstars haven’t been in NXT together long enough to build up a personal rivalry, but you can bet the competitive nature of both Superstars will be more than enough to deliver a must-see showdown.

Almas is a decorated luchador who has captured multiple championships during his time in Mexico and Japan. The high-flying Superstar made his NXT debut at TakeOver: The End…of the Beginning, soundly defeating Tye Dillinger. Since then, Almas has continued to impress, showing why he is a world-renowned competitor.

On the other side, Roode can talk himself up better than anyone else; just watch his NXT arrival. Despite his overly cocky demeanor, he really is that good inside the squared circle. Simply put, there’s a reason the NXT Universe has been buzzing about his arrival for months: Roode is glorious.

Both of these Superstars bring with them extremely high expectations, so neither can afford to lose at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. With two extremely different approaches both inside and outside the ring, this contest has the makings of an instant classic. Will Almas’ star continue to rise with a high-profile victory over Roode? Or can the boastful Roode live up to his hype with a win in his NXT in-ring debut?
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No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries

Austin Aries will be introduced to a fiesta of fury at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, when he faces No Way Jose.

The fun-loving Superstar danced his way into the hearts of the NXT Universe when he first stepped foot into the squared circle earlier this year. The fun times seemingly never stopped from the second Jose’s entrance music hit to the moment he put his opponent down for the three-count.

That all changed when No Way Jose crossed paths with Aries, however. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” was despondent after coming up short against Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: The End… Of The Beginning. Jose sought Aries out and tried to show him that sports-entertainment should be fun. The two broke out in an impromptu dance party in the ring, but things quickly turned sour when Aries revealed his true intentions and battered Jose around the arena before locking the Last Chancery on him.

Since that ambush attack, No Way Jose has revealed a new side of himself to the NXT Universe. It’s not always a fiesta for the Dominican Superstar. When the music stops, Jose has no issues with throwing down for a fight. After giving Aries a taste of his own medicine, Jose promised that when he next gets his hands on Aries, A-Double is in for a world of hurt.

Aries has been trying to avoid Jose since the dancing Superstar got a measure of payback several weeks ago. However, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” made the mistake of demanding a match on NXT’s biggest stage. NXT General Manager William Regal granted the match, but A-Double was not enthused when he found out he’d be facing the furious No Way Jose in Brooklyn.


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