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Vulnerabilidade HTTPOXY


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What can happen if my web application is vulnerable?

If a vulnerable HTTP client makes an outgoing HTTP connection, while running in a server-side CGI application, an attacker may be able to:

  • Proxy the outgoing HTTP requests made by the web application
  • Direct the server to open outgoing connections to an address and port of their choosing
  • Tie up server resources by forcing the vulnerable software to use a malicious proxy

httpoxy is extremely easy to exploit in basic form. And we expect security researchers to be able to scan for it quickly. Luckily, if you read on and find you are affected, easy mitigations are available.


Esta vulnerabilidade afecta todos os sites que usam cgi, que é a grande maioria.

O FNF já tem esta vulnerabilidade mitigada. Se alguém usar nginx, basta adicionar aos parâmetros do fastcgi isto: fastcgi_param HTTP_PROXY "";

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