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Star Trek Beyond (2016)


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Foram buscar o realizador do Velocidade furiosa, vai ser um filme com mais exageros. Peguem por exemplo na cena do Simon Pegg, em que ele aparece no trailer a sair duma cápsula e a segurar-se na beira do precipício. Vejam o trailer o Fast 7 e há lá uma cena com o Paul Walker com o mesmo movimento. lol

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George Takei reviewed the new Star Trek trailer and he wasn't overly impressed

The original Hikaru Sulu gave a critical review of Star Trek Beyond's first teaser


George Takei reviewed the new Star Trek trailer and he wasn't overly impressed

By Sarah Doran

Wednesday 16 December 2015 at 11:57AM

You might have forgotten about the other star-related space franchise amid all the Star Wars madness this week, but the trailer for Star Trek Beyond did drop on Tuesday – and one of the original cast isn't massively impressed with it.

George Takei – aka Hikaru Sulu – sat down to watch the sneak peek at Star Trek Beyond for Tech Insider and, while he thought it looked like a great action-packed fun film, he commented that it lacked the "substance" that made Gene Roddenberry's original offerings "so engaging".    

“It doesn’t have that element that made Star Trek — Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek — what it was,” said Takei of the trailer, which was released early after a German version was leaked online. It had been due to debut with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

"It should be a very successful Star Trek movie" he said. "I didn't, in the preview, note anything of the substance of what made Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek so engaging."

"It was the commentary on social justice and political realities of the time, current events of our time that was metaphorically referred to."

We're still not 100 per cent sure where Beyond will take us, so it could still surpass Takei's teaser-related expectations – and if all else fails there's always that new Star Trek TV series they're planning for 2017.


Maybe that'll boldly go where Roddenberry's original did, and gain Takei's approval.


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