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Alien: Covenant [2017]


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Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, coming October 2017

The sequel to Ridley Scott's Prometheus finally has a release date.

20th Century Fox confirmed today on Twitter that Alien: Covenant will hit theaters Oct. 6, 2017, one year before Neill Blomkamp's own Alien installment.

There was originally some concern that Blomkamp's Alien film would be released the same year as Scott's and would confuse audiences, but Blompkamp announced on Twitter last month that his film would be put on hold to accommodate Scott's Prometheus sequel.

Blomkamp's Alien project, which was supposed to bring back original stars Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn as Ripley and Hicks, was set as a direct sequel to Scott's original 1979 film. Scott's Alien: Covenant, however, is the second in a trilogy and will act as a direct prequel to it.

That wasn't the only aspect that had some confused. The name of Scott's sequel has recently become the center of attention. While promoting The Martian earlier this year, Scott first referred to the movie as Alien: Paradise Lost, but in a new interview, referenced the sequel by its new name, Alien: Covenant.

There's not much known about the sequel at this point, besides the name and release date, but Michael Fassbender is on board to reprise his role as David, the David 8 series synthetic model.

Alien: Covenant will begin production next year to hit the 2017 release date.

Correction: It was originally reported that Blomkamp's Alien sequel was still in development. It is currently on hold.



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Noomi Rapace won't be reprising her role as Elizabeth Shaw in Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott has confirmed.

Despite the fact that Shaw was the only human to survive the events of Prometheus, the director said she won't be back. When asked by the Daily Mail newspaper (via Yahoo! Movies) whether or not Rapace would be involved, Scott replied with a definitive "no," noting they're "still casting the main roles."

In a separate interview with The Guardian newspaper, Scott spoke to the challenge and pressure of continually raising the bar and proving his reliability as a director, likening it to brain surgery.

"It is bloody brain surgery!" he said. "You're putting together a whole group of people, you're trying to budget as accurately as you can and, at the end of it, you've got to sell a lot of tickets. That's more complex than banking - but a few of us manage to pull it off."

Alien: Covenant opens on October 6, 2017 and is set ten years after Prometheus. Scott is striving to up the horror ante this time around, saying he's targeting a "pretty hard R" rating.


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3 hours ago, DeathShadow said:

Já mataram. Não acredito nessa pausa até sair o Prometheus 2.

Sinceramente, não sei se foi bom ou não, considerando que o Blomkamp desiludiu-me depois do District 9.


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Para mim o Chappie foi melhor que o Elysium... mas sim o District 9 está outro nível em relação ao que ele fez depois...



Concordo com o Figos, ele dá um toque diferente aos seus filmes em relação a outros realizadores que fazem sci-fi.

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2 hours ago, Figos said:

Diferentes do que o que o resto do pessoal do Sci-Fi faz hoje em dia.

Tudo bem, mas se estás sempre a fazer reciclagem de algo original acaba por deixar de o ser. É preciso manter as coisas frescas. Exemplo: Ridley Scott com Alien e Blade Runner. Originais e muito diferentes um do outro.

Sei que o Elysium sofreu por ser a primeira grande produção dele hollywoodesca, mas o Chappie... aquela decisão de centrar o filme naqueles 2 idiotas lá da banda marada... Péssimo.

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Esses dois foram horríveis, mas a personagem do Hugh Jackman foi ainda pior. Se queres um bom exemplo de uma criança ter os seus valores deturpados, tens o Beasts of No Nation.
Já deu para perceber que o Neill Blomkamp não é um bom argumentista. Caso haja mesmo um novo Alien e ele seja o realizador, só peço que aranjem um argumentista de jeito.

Aliás, isto também se aplica ao Ridley Scott. Ultimamente, os filmes dele sofreram por causa disso. Ele teve sorte em ter o Drew Goddard para o Martian.

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19 hours ago, Figos said:

Mas esse é mesmo o objectivo do filme, queres piores exemplos para criar uma "criança" que dois drogados criminosos?

O problema é quando os personagens são tão absurdos que vão muito para lá da barreira do credível.

Como o DeathShadow referiu, o Hugh Jackman também é horrível, daqueles vilões que são maus "porque sim".

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