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Noticias em geral Nintendo


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22 hours ago, Archie said:

Caríssimos, quais são os vossos ID na Nintendo?

Por acaso ainda não adicionei ninguém na Switch. É através do NNID ou ainda tem que ser pelos Friend Codes (que é ridículo mas vão acabar com isto)? Seja como for há este tópico ainda: 


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Resumo da Direct:

  • While they led out with the 3DS, we also got a ton of amiibo news. There are THREE new 30th anniversary amiibo available 6/23, and two versions of each of the Cloud, Corrinn, and Bayonetta amiibo available 7/21.

  • We got some great footage of ARMS next, including how you’ll unlock new Arms and mix-and-match and the elemental ability types. We also met a new character, MinMin, and saw a demo fight between MinMin and Spring Man.

  • ARMS releases on 6/16.

  • We got word of a new Joy-Con battery life attachment and new yellow joy-cons.

  • There was a bit about Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, which launches 4/28, talking about online multiplayer.

  • Then there was a run of other titles: they talked about Ultra Street Fighter 2, which releases 5/26; they showcased Minecraft Switch, which releases 5/11; they spoke about Sonic Forces, available around the holidays; they teased Project Mekuru, available this summer; then came Disgaea 5 Complete, launching May 23; and then Puyo Puyo Tetris, available April 25 (with a demo available today).

  • Onward! Next was a Monopoly game for the Switch, available in the fall; then came Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition (launching later this year); then Sine Mora EX from THQ, coming this summer; then Battle Chasers: NightWar, coming in the summer; then Payday 2 for the Switch, coming later this year.

  • Ah! A Namco Museum Title! Yes! Coming this summer, everyone.

  • Nintendo will be selling more of their Switch docks at store.nintendo.com or participating retailers on May 19.

  • Closing things out was, of course, Splatoon 2. We were treated to a retro video from “Grizzco Industries” and then the fun began. We got wind of a new mode, Salmon Run, where you wear awesome outfits and chum enemies cooperatively for rewards and fun. We also got a preview of the three new Inkling amiibo. So fresh! And of course the game is compatible with all previous Splatoon amiibo.

  • Splatoon 2 launches alongside its companion amiibo on 7/21.


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Nintendo earnings report

  • Switch: 2.74 million units shipped
  • Zelda: 3.84 million (2.76 Switch, 1.08 Wii U)
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon: 15.44 million
  • 3DS: over 66 million.
  • Super Mario Maker 3DS: 2.34 million
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot: 1.36 million
  • Nintendo made profit of $920m in FY2016
  • Targeting 10m Switch units for FY 2017


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1 minute ago, Archie said:

8 minutos é pouco :rezingao:

O Takashi Mochizuki (jornalista do WSJ em Tokyo que faz muitas notícias relacionadas com Nintendo) relembrou no twitter dele o seguinte:

Cheira-me que vão mesmo falar de um jogo Pokémon para a Switch. Agora se é o tal falado "Stars" ou se é um remake do Pokkén Tournament... Vamos ver.

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Resumindo...continuo a esperar. Por um lado é bom. Não tarda apanho a minha última besta e já vou a mais de meio nos 120 shrines. O Ganon já treme. Possivelmente depois segue-se a Shantae.

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33 minutes ago, Figos said:

Provavelmente o último jogo que vou comprar prá 3ds, depois é esperar que saia o Fire Emblem para saltar prá Switch. 

Eu vi algo na diagonal e à pressa mas não percebi o que é o Ultra. É uma continuação do Moon/Sun? Ou é uma história paralela com mais Pokémons?

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Acabou agora mais uma Direct da Nintendo. Nunca pensei ver Crash Bandicoot ou South Park na Switch lol.

Assim por alto, Captain Toad, Undertale, Crash Bandicoot, South Park foram alguns destaques. E claro... Um teaser para Super Smash Bros. :D

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