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Cities: Skylines


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Tenta ver se consegues comprar aí (foi onde comprei o meu).


A Deluxe fica-te por ~22€. :y:


Esquece que isto agora tem de ser com proxy e há mais barato :P





Tens também a versão normal, mais barata.

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Mais um free update:




Patch notes

  • Added 30 new buildings (growables)
  • Added tunnels for Pedestrian path
  • Improved error handling for when a mod does unholy operations
  • Added "unsubscribe all" button in the Steam Workshop category in Content Manager
  • Fixed De-zoning areas sometimes results in zoned tiles reappearing
  • Fixed trains stuck to map borders
    • Important note: This takes a few minutes to go into effect on old saves experiencing this issue. Please let it work its magic!
  • New option panel layout
  • Auto-save option added for games
  • Graphics: visual glitches with pavement on steep slopes fixed
  • Fixed polish UI audio volume not fitting the Options panel
  • Fixed the keymapping in all languages not fitting to fit on 2 lines
  • Fixed missing info tooltips for markers (smoke, large smoke, info tooltip shot, invisible parking space and steam)
  • Fixed the "-noWorkshop" toggle to completely disable the Steam workshop integration
  • Fixed mouse wheel to scroll the build toolbar
  • Added shutter sound to snapshots in map editor
  • Fixed left and right mouse button references in all languages
  • Ability to reset keybindings to default without losing all other settings
  • Installing multiple workshop items at once should not freeze the game anymore
  • Dedicated options space for mod settings (IUserMod.OnSettingsUI(), added checkbox, button, slider and dropdown support) - http://www.skylineswiki.com/Mod_Options_Panel
  • Asset editor: Added new thumbshot and infoshot tools for capturing thumbnail and infotooltip images, respectively
  • Asset editor: Automatic snapshot, thumbshot, and infoshot are taken when opening the save panel for an asset (unless the user already took them)
  • Asset editor: Save asset panel now has the ability to select which to use of available thumbnails and infotooltips
  • Asset editor: Trailer and LOD colors show correctly in the editor when editing color variations
  • Asset editor: Removed color variation property from trees since it is not used by the game
  • Asset editor: Optimizations on saving/loading custom assets
  • Asset editor: Fixed a bug where creating several new assets during the same session would get the same ID, resulting in e.g. snapshots going to the same folder
  • Asset editor: Fixed additional polygons sometimes appearing in the models when scaling and/or rotating models
  • Asset editor: Scaling the model larger no longer makes it vanish from the preview camera
  • Asset editor: Overriding only some of the lod textures (e.g. assetname_lod_d) now works again without having to override any of the others
  • Asset Editor: Railtracks now available in Intersection editor
  • Asset Editor: Loading an asset does not reset the previously entered description
  • Asset Editor: Level 2 specialized industrial buildings can now be imported and edited
  • Design: Now possible to see what all future milestones unlock
  • RUS/GER: Fixed the "View on steam workshop" text cut-off in Content Manager.
  • Fixed trucks stop and wait outside cargo train station, blocking traffic
  • Added population info in the load panel for new save games
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Ainda não. Talvez lhe pegue no f-d-s. :)

Mas desde já sei que vou gostar. Só as cenas free valem muuuito a pena. O day-night cicle é praí a feature mais aguardada, portanto, só por aí...

Destiny has taken control of your life !!!!

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Nestes dias tenho-lhe dado uns toques e este jogo está mesmo brutalíssimo.

A EA/Maxis que deitem os olhos nisto, porque andaram anos e anos e anos e nunca conseguiram algo deste nível (para mim depois do 3000 foi sempre a descer).


Ver uma cidade a ligar as luzes enquanto fica de noite... :god:
E ainda não vi como são as cenas do turismo e bicicletas e isso. Tenho de ver se me dedico a mexer nos transportes públicos.

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On 05/03/2015 at 6:19 PM, Mini0n said:

Fica a faltar (a meu ver) o day/night cycle e talvez seasons.

E pronto, depois do último DLC com o day/night (que deixa o jogo visualmente deslumbrante), temos a parte das seasons:








Tenho jogado aqui e ali e adoro este jogo. Talvez o jogo do ano de 2015, para mim.
Só tenho mesmo pena que tenho uma cidade grandita e começa a arrastar-me o PC... :(

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