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Google Is Making A Video Game Console

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Report: Google Is Making A Video Game Console

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is working on a video game console. What a world we live in.

They say the console will be powered by the company's Android operating system, and seems inspired partly by the relative success of other cheap, simple Android-based consoles like the Ouya and Gamestick.

Interesting, the WSJ says the other thing spurring Google on is a desire to get out in front of Apple, who they think will make gaming a big part of future Apple TV updates.

While the Ouya has taken some slack for poor performance, I'd be down with the idea of a Google console. Stock Android phones and tablets are some of the best you can get, so if Google can extend the same classy UI and performance - and maybe even Google Play Store functionality for movies and TV - to a cheap console, they might do OK.


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