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TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.

TUG sits at the crossroads where survival sandbox and multiplayer RPG’s meet, offering both elegant simplicity and a world of complex secrets for those who desire to seek them out. From freezing snow capped mountains to dark dreary caves, TUG offers a massive procedurally-generated world to explore, full of mystery and danger -- but what makes TUG truly unique is its ability to help us learn what you as players enjoy about the game, and to use your interactions to make an amazing world even better.

The project draws inspiration from fun, accessible games we love such as Minecraft, Fable, Animal Crossing, and Zelda, as well as games that feature deeply complex worlds, including Eve Online, Monster Hunter, and Dwarf Fortress.

What do we think you’ll like about TUG? Some of the things we’re most excited about include:

  • Integrated modding support: we won’t just have support for modding tools hooked in from the beginning -- we’ll be sharing our tools with modders.
  • Pets and Companions will join you in your travels and help along the way.
  • Entire Civilizations lie hidden for you to uncover... or create new ones to conquer the world!
  • Day, Night, and Seasonal Cycles with perils and opportunities unique to each.
  • Exotic Wild Beasts to tame, hunt, breed, or ride!
  • Logic Engineering, from simple trap triggers to reprogramming your golem!
  • Dark Mysteries to unearth, and ancient powers to unleash!
  • DRM-Free. That includes the servers, which we’ll also be sharing with you.


Gostei do que vi e já sou backer. Ajudem a causa. :P

Btw, vejam o vídeo no Kickstarter. Não é YouTube e não dá para fazer o embed.

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O motor de jogo não me convenceu nadinha.. Eu não tinha mostrado aquelas imagens com o processo tão atrasado ainda.

As personagens estão fixes..

Offtopic: gostava de ver era outros géneros a florescer no Kickstarter.. parece que é só RPGs que saem dali.

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Nem tanto.


Tens aí muita coisa que não é RPG pá.

Btw, é normal que os gráficos sejam assim foleiritos, uma vez que se está no início e é baseado em voxels, se não me engano. São conceitos novos que demoram até chegar ao ponto. E é preferível isto do que não mostrar nada, tipo o Godus, em que se iam lixando por causa disso. :Y:

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Btw estava a ver a coisa complicada, mas passou. 2014 (à partida) temos jogo. :Y:

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