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Thief Reboot Coming To PC And Next-Gen Consoles In 2014 [uPDATE]

UPDATE: Game Informer's next cover is Thief, a reboot for the series by Eidos Montreal that will be out next year for PC, PS4, and whatever the next Xbox is called.

The game is no longer called Thief 4.

The April issue of Game Informer has more details on the new stealth game, which looks a whole lot like Dishonored. Not that that's a bad thing.

Original story:

Here's a brand new look at Thief 4, thanks to leaked screenshots obtained by a user named Gamesmaniac on the European social network VK.com. Head over there for all the shots.

According to a Google translation of the Russian site gamemag.ru, Thief 4 is being prepared for next-gen consoles, and it will lose the 4. Just Thief now.

This lines up with hints and teases we've heard about the Game Informer cover reveal today, which is planned for 12pm Eastern. Game Informer has promised that they'll be revealing a next-gen title, and in response to rumors yesterday that the cover will be Thief 4, GI editor Andy McNamara said that the cover doesn't have a 4 on it. Maybe it's just Thief now?


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Para mim, excelentes noticias.. Acho que cheguei a jogar um bocado do último Thief e até curti. Fiquei com pena de não ter apanhado a história desde o inicio.

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Esta saga passou-me completamente ao lado... não faço a mínima ideia se é bom ou mau. Mas se é reboot, venha ele. :)

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É um FPS onde não desatas aos tiros, mas sim, andas, tipo, MGS.

Tens de roubar cenas o mais silenciosamente possível, resolvendo situações com puzzles como as que tens (tinhas, não conheço os mais recentes) nos Hitman...

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O que joguei não era FPS unicamente.. Aliás, jogava mais em 3rd person view.

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mais pratico, o site das screens tá todo marado aqui.

Edited by skaazi

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