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Root vs Garantia

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Tropecei neste tópico no xda, que achei interessante, mas não sei se, na prática, isto não vale nada ou sequer se estará a ser aplicado por cá:

All Android users were or are wondering whether flashing their device will void the warranties of their devices.

In short :

The FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe), has concluded that rooting and flashing our devices don't void their warranties. Manufacturers can't refuse to repair a device because modifying or changing system software is not a sufficient reason to void the "statutory warranty". The seller has to prove that the defect is caused by user's actions before completelly voiding the warranty. Unless that, the standard 2 years of the warranty is still valid. So the Directive 1999/44/CE dictates1 protects consummers even if they have rooted and flashed their system in order to use custom ROMs.

Full article :

(nota: fiz um search e não encontrei nada a falar sobre isto.)

Source: http://fsfe.org/news/2012/news-20121106-01.fr.html

Article: http://fsfe.org/freesoftware/legal/flashingdevices.fr.html

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