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Saiu o Opera 12


Opera 12 new features:

HTML5 drag-and-drop. This feature will allow you to drag and drop items from your desktop on to the browser with a vie to transfer them to online or cloud services.

Opera 12 is now easier to personalize. New themes will now offer you instant makeover and will give your browser new looks.

It now offers 64-bit support. This means Opera 12 will be faster and more secure. Being able to use your processor in a better way will lead to your getting faster startup times and an overall better Opera experience.

Opera 12 can now access your camera, letting websites snap a picture of you. The next time you need to set a profile picture of yourself, you don’t have to bother uploading a picture from somewhere else. You can let Opera 12 do it instead.

Introduction of Out-of-Process plugins. Some plugins will run out side of Opera, separately. So if any plugin crashes, Opera 12 will not.

The new drop-down suggestions in the address bar should help you find exactly what you are looking for. URL shortening in the address field is also a lot better.

Hardware acceleration allows Opera 12 to render graphics using your graphics card (GPU).

With this release, Opera Unite and Opera Widgets are removed by default for new users.

Other features include:

Support for the Do Not Track header

CSS3 Animations and Transitions

Support for CORS – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

Right-to-Left (RTL) Script Support Added

Improved language support (Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic)

Window and Tabs API.

versão 12.01 já disponível.


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a mim por acaso funciona bem

o que agora ficou esquisito, foi nos vídeos do youtube por exemplo, não começam logo a dar tenho que carregar num play que tapa a janela toda do vídeo e so depois no play do vídeo

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para quem ainda não conseguiu aceitar as novas versões do opera e que considera que o Opera 12 foi sem duvida o melhor browser

parece que está para vir o browser vivaldi, que está a ser desenvolvido pelo ex-CEO do opera, com muitas das features do 12

neste momento está em versão preview e já deverá entrar em modo beta, pelo que estive a ver, este sem dúvida será o verdadeiro upgrade do opera 12

apesar de ainda não ter conseguido, este browser tem a possibilidade de ser compativel com as extensoes do chrome: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/07/16/sick-of-chrome-vivaldi-can-now-run-your-favorite-extensions/

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