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bem na sequência do post no tópico das apps lembrei-me duma coisa que dá muito jeito, a quem não tem root mas tem device/country restrictions no android, testei há uns tempos e funcionou bem

Assim sendo em vez de andarem à procura em lados obscuros de apk não compativeis segundo o market com o vosso telemóvel, podem fazer download directamente do market, através duma extensão do chrome

Following is a simple, step-by-step guide to setting up APK Downloader. Don’t be alarmed by the length or quantity of screenshots; the process is pretty straightforward. If you need the extension to side-load Android Market apps onto, say, your Kindle or Nook, you should know that you’ll need the device ID and Google account info of a regular (Gapps-sporting) Android device.

1. Launch Chrome, download and install APK Downloader from the developer’s website. An Options form should appear in a new tab right after you click Install.


2. If an error asking you to enable SSL error warnings appears above the login form, create a new Google Chrome shortcut, right-click it and select Properties from the context menu (Windows).


3. In the Target field, enter a space followed by –ignore-certificate-errors right after chrome.exe. The text at the end should now read

chrome.exe --ignore-certificate-errors

4. Once that is done, restart Chrome, this time launching it via the shortcut you just created. The error should now have been removed.

5. You should already have the address (Email) and Password of the Google account(s) registered on your Android device. To find out your device’s ID,

  • Open the dialer (Phone) and enter *#*#8255#*#* to launch GTalk Service Monitor. Scroll down to find the string labeled Device ID. The 16-character string after android- is what you need to enter in the Android Device ID field.
  • Alternatively, you may install Device ID from the Android Market. The app displays both the Device ID and the Emails registered on your device.


6. Hit Login, select a country and mobile carrier from the page that follows, click Save Settings, and you’re good to go.


You can now start downloading apps to your computer without even having to log in with your Google account.


Every time you open an Android app’s Market page, an APK Downloader icon will appear within the URL bar, which you can click to instantly download the app’s APK file to your computer.


Note: Step 2 is applicable for Windows only. For Mac and Linux variants of the step, and for further information on the extension, head on over to the developer’s website.

Btw só funciona com apps grátis, havia uma versão anterior que funcionava com todas, mas o developer retirou-a

se alguém a encontrar...

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