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Grabit 1.5.0 ßeta Released

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Finally! After waiting for almost 1.5 years, a new release of GrabIt is available for download! This release is not exactly how it was planned, but it seems very stable and I just couldn't keep the new search feature away from the public anymore!

Go to the download section to Grab your copy of GrabIt now!

Changes in this release:

New cache format to incorporate Message-IDs (Note: Cache files are NOT compatible with previous releases!);

Tightened the filename filter a bit to solve some illegal file/foldername issues;

Improved error feedback in Read article form;

New date format conversion routine can also convert dates with short year notation (eg. 03 for 2003);

Solved the exception errors that some people reported while closing GrabIt;

Batch Import button in Batch screen allows the import of NZB files directly into the batch;

Batch Import button in Batch screen allows the import of BNS (binnews.com) files directly into the batch;

Auto shutdown feature now waits until all items are decoded / processed before shutting down the system;

Tweaked the compression of the cache file to optimize for speed instead of size;

New 'Download Folder' button in the batch tab will open your download folder;

Some general optimizations;

Changed the main font of the controls in the application to Arial;

Added the possibility to change the font of the views (Groups, Articles, Batch, All Groups);

Added "Grab to folder first" and "Grab with prefix first";

Added a new option in the batch popup menu to download a batch item from a different server;

Incomplete items are now saved with .(Incomplete Grab). in the filename. Peter B. Clements added support for this into Quickpar 0.9 so these files will be recognized;

GrabIt Search makes it possible to search Usenet without downloading headers or using XPAT;

The connection to a server is no longer closed after a minor error (eg. article not on server).


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assim à primeira vista, noto essas novas funções no programa e um novo visual...

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encontrei um problema :( eu escolhi Full Update a todos os groups, qd voltei, estavam todos a 0! apenas o pt.binarios tinha sido actualizado! porquê? :blink:

:help: sff :unsure:

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Pode não parecer mas o grabit faz os updates na mesma embora apareca os 0 headers, deve de ser bug nesta nova versão.

Não é verdade... tenho o telepac modems em zero à mais de 2 horas e o grupo continua em branco... foi o unico que nao actualizou... além disso tem o mesmo problema do grabit 1.47 ... wrong size articles a dar com um pau...vou voltar ao 1.46 que definitivamente é o melhor

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Bom pelo que estou a ler TAMBÉM vou continuar a usar a 1.4.6beta.

Bem que podiam ter um bocadito mais de atenção.... antes eram montes de corrupted files agora é grupos que não são actualizados...

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Esse tal bug k falam por aki ja foi corrigido, mas vai demorar um ou dois dias a vir a versão corrigida pois ele ta tb a corrigir outros pekenos erros.

Mas acreditem em mim, esta nova versão bate aos pontos a 1.4.6, kem kiser acredita, kem n kiser k continuo a usar essa antiga :)

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