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Elpida declara falência


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Elpida Files for Bankruptcy: Biggest Japanese Manufacturing Corporate Failure since WWII

2/27/2012 by: Gil Russell - Get more from this author

Elpida Memory Incorporated filed for bankruptcy protection today in the largest manufacturing corporate failure since WWII. The filing resulted from the company’s inability to refinance debts, which total US $5.5 billion [end of March 2012].

The last remaining DRAM producer in Japan [12.5% market share], Elpida is a further sign of worldwide consolidation amongst memory producers leaving Hynix and Samsung in Korea [21.5% and 45% market share] and Micron Technology [12.5% market share] in the U.S. as the last of the big players.

Elpida decided to separate the low margin PC business to its Taiwanese subsidiary and concentrate instead on higher ASP devices for smartphones after the financial crisis. Yukio Sakamoto, Elpida’s CEO and President, said "We never imagined the yen would become this strong," and is cited as the major cause of Elpida’s inability to compete at a price level with their competitors.

Elpida said that it plans to reemerge under the supervision of the Tokyo District Court and a team of lawyers. President Yukio Sakamoto will stay on to work on the rehabilitation process. The company will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange as of March 28.

As reported by BSN* Elpida was in talks with Micron Technology Inc. regarding a strategic alliance as a step toward securing support from their creditors. But Micron’s former Chief Executive, Steve Appleton, a strong advocate unexpectedly died in a small plane crash in early February. "We received offers from potential partners, buth they never materialized in a concrete form," Sakamoto said.

Num ano parece ter sido criada uma instabilidade à volta do mercado informático.

Senão vejamos, aumentos dos preços dos HDDs em mais de 100% devido as cheias, a parte engraçada foi que as fabricas na seagate nao sofreram tanto como as da Western Digital. No entanto foi a Seagate que disse que o mercado dos HDDs ia mudar, que não iria ser o consumidor final a definir os preços dos discos, tal como acontece neste momento com a RAM.

Nos CPUs, com a incapacidade da AMD para competir com a Intel e depois do falhanço do AMD FX, a intel adia o lançamento da nova linha de processadores, depois diz que não, e volta novamente com a palavra atrás.

No mercado dos GPUs, a evolução parece ter abrandado com esta nova serie de GPUs.

O que é certo é que os fabricantes já se queixaram com a redução no numero previsto de vendas de hardware, devido ao preço elevado dos HDDs.

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