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Dear Visitors,

We are little bit sad to announce that, we finally decided to close down the website, we don't believe that the actual reasons behind

this closure would satisfy everyone, but if someone really wants to know here it is,

First : Time, As Developers/Programmers we are unable to give it enough time, we think we can do something better than this in our real life.

Second: Turbulence and Threats, why one should get dirty with big boys. you know what i mean.

Third : It was started like fun, to learn new things, but from sometime it doesn't make us happy. When we read letters where they describe us as thieves.

Fourth: Money, We don't want to pay for servers from our pockets, no no we don't need any advertisements/donations or anything.

Fifth : Believe me there's life out of web so we just want to close it, because we decided to close it before starting it.

So please accept our last greetings with happiness, we wanted to write more, talk more but let's just say A final GoodBye and forget it like a dream.



O cerco aperta-se cada vez mais, são sites atrás de sites a fechar... Por acaso gostava bastante deste site, alguém aqui conhece algum idêntico que o substitua?

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