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baixista dos deftones acorda

Pablo Empanada

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Chi Cheng, baixista dos Deftones, acordou do coma após três anos e meio. Nos últimos dias Cheng tem dado sinais de recuperação mantendo-se consciente durante alguns minutos.

O baixista estava em coma desde Novembro de 2008 em consequência de um acidente de viação em Santa Clara, Califórnia. As máquinas a que o músico estava ligado já começaram a ser desactivadas, uma vez que Chi Cheng consegue reagir a sons e até levantar uma perna.

Os Deftones têm ajudado a pagar os custos relativos à recuperação do baixista, sendo que a família já não estava a conseguir suportar todos os tratamentos necessários.

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Xeia, ando tao fora nem sabia que já tinha acordado. Esta é uma de muitas vitorias do Chi.

Afinal ainda nao acordou, apenas levantou a perna a pedido de um familiar:


Hey all,

Today I woke up to people frantically asking me for more info on Chi being “AWAKE” and everyone was so happy etc. Then I realize not only had I managed to somehow miss the miraculous news but my oneloveforchi.com website was also down. I could not understand what the heck was going on. Surely if Chi was awake Momma J would have called me by now!

For those of you who regularly follow the website.. you are well aware that on Feb 1st I posted a short video clip of some of Chi’s recent progress when he lifted his leg on request a couple times. I said “it’s little baby steps like this that bring chi closer to recovery.” I don’t understand how someone could take this so far out of context to make it into headlines reading “Chi Cheng is Awake After 4 Years in Coma”!? (example headline of what I have seen today)

Please don’t think that we aren’t completely thrilled with Chi lifting his leg on request.. but like I said it is a baby step. Although this is progress he is still considered to be in a “minimally conscious” state. He doesn’t complete tasks like this on request every time.

So.. let me take the time to clarify things for those of you that are not aware of his current status. Chi is still not speaking.. isn’t able to comunicate. He does make noises at times. It does sometimes seem like he is trying very hard to communicate. He has every once in a while had great moments like the “leg lift video” where he moves on request. He does make eye contact and turn his head towards you. It does show on his EEG scans that there has been “progress within” when they compare initial scans to recent scans. These are all great things and definite signs of progress/improvement. Now for a dose of reality… although Chi has had great occurrences of progress.. there is also lots of time far and in between where nothing at all happens and he is non-responsive. But when you are around him.. even when he is non-responsive.. when you look into his eyes… it’s like he is speaking in another way. It’s very hard to explain. He is “there” and that is apparent.. but he is in no way out of the woods yet. Still LOTS of work ahead.

I really feel the recent rumors/headlines of ”Chi Cheng Awakes From 4 Year Coma” could not be more inaccurate (unfortunately!). First of all I blame this on Hollywood. Comas are in no way black and white.. and Chi is still in a very grey area. Everyone seems to think that people emerge from comas in the same way they do in the movies.. full make up… great hair and back to life as it was pre-coma. In reality it just doesn’t work that way. It is a very long road to recovery. That isn’t to say some people haven’t made miraculously quick recoveries… more often it takes several years to recover.. and sadly some never recover. That is the harsh reality of it. Are we giving up? Hell no! Never will. Chi is still fighting and so are we! We continue to have faith in him and his ability to recover and his tenacious strength.

But please guys.. let’s be accurate in our reporting when it comes to Chi. He has a son and family out there and when misinformation like this gets back to them only to be let down that it is not true.. it just plain SUCKS!

From now on I would appreciate if you would please not use headlines like the ones referenced above.. unless you see it here first.

As always your continued love and support for Chi is very much appreciated!

One Love For Chi,


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