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RgLoader Beta


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Bem saiu uma versão do RgLoader Beta:

<< tydye81 and stoker25 proudly present the first public BETA release of RGLoader-Dev >>

Don't forget to join #rg-loader on efnet for all the latest updates and tech support.

What it is -

In short this will turn your retail reset glitch hacked console into a full debugging XDK , or Xbox Development Kit .. RGLoader brings you much more than this .... Keep reading.


Although it may seem silly I am going to make a list of "features" or rather things that set this apart from just an XDK or just a retail RGH ..... The only caveat to debugging is that some debug features require a sidecar, but everything is working that doesn't.

- Loads retail xex without resigning , also loads dev xex like a regular Devkit.

- Will spin retail discs ... backups or originals with full security and the works.

- Xbmovie screen captures.

- Launching games through Xbox neighborhood


Known issues/Bugs

Remember this is beta , we are asking the community to help us debug some more , our team is actually not around enough as a group to do any major testing.

- BB support is coming right now this only works for small block consoles.

- Retail discs are having issues on some Slim consoles , not all , and we need to figure out the cause.

- Profiles from retail are not working , as well as profiles from other rgloader builds ... make a new profile..

- No Avatars yet .... We know why , when it's solved everyone will know ... You also need to get the avatar files from an XDK HDD for them.


RGLoader was started from the foundations left by others.

We hold no claim to researching everything used in these buildscripts.

It's thanks to the work of the amazing people below that we got anywhere:

tmbinc, almost every 360 tool owes you for your initial work. although

we may be -FAR- away from your intended goals, we'd still like to thank

you for your amazing work and the example you set for a good reverse engineerer.

The 360 Flash Tool team, thanks for your amazing tool which has

helped many people, many times over. My only gripe is that it's

not open, maybe one day.

GliGli, Tiros, cOz and co., I'm sure anybody with a glitched console should

know the work you all put in. I hope recent releases won't deter you

from continuing to contribute to the scene with your work.

Last but not least: the donators who helped get me a glitched box

and CPLD, sorry I haven't mentioned any names in this release but

we had to rush things.

GliGli, Tiros, cOz, and co.



Freeboot/ggbuild/xebuild team




















Everything is available for download on xbins /development/RGLoader

Para quem não está familiarizado isto é o XDK, ou seja o software usado pelos developers de jogos para testar os mesmo. A grande vantagem é que aqui também não existe assinatura de código e estamos na dash retail. Correr jogos sem fw na drive, correr jogos que estejam no windows, etc.

Antes estes softwares só podiam ser corridos em consolas DevKit e eram extremamente caras e basicamente inuteis. Agora podemos por esse software em consolas retail com RGH.

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