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Try out Windows Phone on your current mobile device for free


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Try out Windows Phone on your current mobile device for free

Switching to a new OS is always bit of a scary experience and if you like the look of Windows Phone but have yet to try it out, Microsoft has you covered. A new website, hxxp://aka.ms/wpdemo will allow you to experience Windows Phone without having to buy any hardware (via Gizmodo).

While it is not a native experience, it does provide a very immersive demonstration that does give you a solid look into using the new OS. Yes, the layout is different than iOS/Android grid organization, but it has also been receiving positive reviews for its intuitive experience.

Microsoft appears to hope to win over users who have been wanting to try out Windows Phone but have not been willing to drop cash on a product they may or may not like. Microsoft must be confident in its new OS to let users try it out in this way, and are betting that once you actually try the platform, you will be more likely to switch.

If you have tried it out using the link above, what are you thoughts? Is this play by Microsoft more likely to make your next purchase be a Windows Phone device?


Try Out Windows Phone on Your iPhone or Android Right Now

Have you been curious about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)? Maybe you want to try it out without standing around in some store? Microsoft just made it easy to do exactly that on your iOS or Android phone. No installations required.

It's super simple. All you have to do is go to hxxp://aka.ms/wpdemo in your iOS or Android browser. You'll be directed to an interactive HTML5 page that gives you a very detailed introduction to the look and feel of Windows Phone 7.5. I just took it for a little spin on an Android phone and it works really well. Will this lure any iOS/Android users to the Windows side? We shall see, but either way, check it out for yourself. [WMPoweruser via Gregg LeBlanc]

P.S. Ironically, the demo doesn't work in Windows Phone's own browser. I guess it doesn't really have to, but funny none the less.


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