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iXtreme LTplus v3.0 to be Released After December 6


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C4eva shared with us in private today some further details about the upcoming iXtreme LT+ v3.0, which is now targetted for release sometime after December 6, 2011. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced December 6 as the official release date for the final version of its Fall 2011 Dashboard Update. Scheduling LT+ v3.0 for release after this date will allow c4eva and the team a chance to analyze the final update so as to ensure no additional changes to v3.0 are necessary.

With the new iXtreme LT+ v3.0, original game discs will need to be analyzed by Xbox Backup Creator in order to gain disc topology data. This data replaces the need for AP2.5/dae.bin data and enables any AP2.5 challenge to be answered correctly. C4eva noted that the topology data method is very efficient — using only 24kB of space — and extremely accurate. Due to differences between them, each game will require its own individual set of topology data. A risk of backups being detected poses itself if the same topology data is used between two different titles. This risk is mitigated by using abgx360 to make certain that the backup contains the appropriate topology data.

Backups will remain the same layout, but will either need to have the topology data inserted by the new abgx360, or be re-dumped with the new Xbox Backup Creator. C4eva reconfirmed that all current AP2.5-active XGD2 and XGD3 backups with old AP25 replay data are not backward-compatible with iXtreme LT+ v3.0 and will indeed need to be patched or re-dumped and re-burned. Non-AP2.5 titles, however, will remain unchanged and do not require re-burning.

Para quem ainda não tem RGH, boas noticias.

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Para quem teve o azar de comprar uma fat de agosto de 2009, em que era preciso soldas para sacar a key da liteon, há maneira mais fácil de instalar? É possível sacar a key a partir do ixtreme (1.6) já instalado na consola?

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Hoje, uma corrida online de Forza 4 rev?

Mesmo com o LT 3.0 não podia jogar no live(Era banido na hora).

Agora sempre posso jogar com o xlink kai. Coisa que ainda não me dei ao trabalho de experimentar.

Mas tirando o live, não há duvida que o jtag/rgh bate o Firmware aos pontos... completamente.

Desde jogar os DLC's e os XBLA, não andar preocupado em gravar bem os DVD's com o topology data... Não ter de andar a comprar os Verbatim caros e ter o gravador iHAS para fazer full burn... Não ter que andar a trocar de firmware sempre que a Microsoft se lembra de alterar algo etc etc

Estou rendido 14.gif

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