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Michael J. Fox Plays ‘Johnny B. Goode’ At Charity Function, Makes World Happy

This stuff never gets old. A year after Michael J. Fox reenacted the teaser trailer to Back to the Future, one of the greatest movies ever made (I’m not even putting a “columnist” tag on this, that’s just objectively true), he reenacted another classic moment this past weekend. At an annual fundraiser for his Michael J. Fox Foundation to combat Parkinson’s, the crippling disease the actor suffers from, Fox got up on stage and played “Johnny B. Goode,” hopefully inspiring a number of people’s parents in the audience to fall in love.

The moment was almost exactly like the movie except for two key differences. First, he was actually playing the guitar this time instead of pretending. Second, at no point did he begin to fade into nonexistence.

Someone in the audience captured the awesome moment and you can watch it below:


Que saudads do Michael J. Fox!! clap.gif

Eu a rever o "The Frighteners" e saber novidades do gajo... pkp! clap.gif

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Michael J. Fox Is Returning To TV

That commotion you feel, that’s dozens of executives literally shaking in excitement at the prospect of snagging Michael J. Fox’s return to TV. According to Vulture, the Back to the Future star is “readying his return to prime-time series television” after recent successes in The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm in a series “inspired by [his] own life.” If it were anyone else, I’d be groaning about the prospect of another “fictionalized version of one’s self” show, but because Fox, not to mention director Will Gluck (Easy A) and writer Sam Laybourne (Arrested Development, Cougar Town), is attached, I believe “yay” is the appropriate response.

Here’s the full Vulture write-up:

Michael J. Fox is readying a return to prime-time series television, and the broadcast networks are lining up to welcome him back. Vulture hears the iconic star of
Family Ties
and the
Back to the Future
trilogy has teamed with director Will Gluck (
Easy A
) and writer Sam Laybourne (
Cougar Town
Arrested Development
) on a single-camera comedy project that’s being developed by Sony Pictures Television for a 2013 launch.

We’re still trying to track down plot details, but our sources tell us the show will be inspired by Fox’s own life. All four major network chiefs have heard the pitch, and two industry sources — using phrases such as “feeding frenzy” and “bidding war” — tell us it’s now just a matter of which network will offer the most attractive deal to Fox, Gluck, and Sony. Our spies say the project will, at the very least, get an automatic pilot production commitment; there’s even industry buzz about one network offering to go straight to series, something that hardly ever happens in broadcast TV anymore. (

Hopefully he can get Christopher Lloyd to play “Christopher Lloyd,” who is really just regular Christopher Lloyd.

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