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Gyakuten Saiban


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Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判?, lit. Turnabout Courtroom) is an upcoming Japanese theatrical film based on Capcom's Ace Attorney video game series, which is being directed by Miike Takashi.[1] The film stars Hiroki Narimiya, Mirei Kiritani, andTakumi Saito, and is scheduled to be released in Japanese cinemas on 11 February 2012.[1]


Based primarily on the first game in the series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the film focuses on rookie defense attorney Ryūichi Naruhodō, as he strives to protect his clients in various murder trials, including the death of his mentor, Chihiro Ayasato, and the accusation of rival prosecutor, Reiji Mitsurugi. Ryūichi's greatest ally is Chihiro's younger sister Mayoi, a spirit medium whose body is posessed by Chihiro to communicate with him. The film will be a courtroom drama combined with the video game series' signature style. Sci-fi elements are also used such as characters bringing up projected images of evidence during trials.[2]


  • Hiroki Narimiya as Ryūichi Naruhodō (成歩堂 龍一 Naruhodō Ryūichi?) (aka Phoenix Wright)
  • Mirei Kiritani as Mayoi Ayasato (綾里 真宵 Ayasato Mayoi?) (aka Maya Fey)
  • Takumi Saito as Reiji Mitsurugi (御剣 怜侍 Mitsurugi Reiji?) (aka Miles Edgeworth)
  • Rei Dan as Chihiro Ayasato (綾里千尋 Ayasato Chihiro?) (aka Mia Fey)
  • Shunsuke Daito as Keisuke Itonokogiri (糸鋸 圭介 Itonokogiri Keisuke?) (aka Dick Gumshoe)
  • Akiyoshi Nakao as Masashi Yahari (矢張 政志 Yahari Masashi?) (aka Larry Butz)

Comparação Filme vs Jogo:


Trailer Legendado

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