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Way back in 1993, you braved suspiciously dim lighting and an unpleasant, smoky aroma to see Sega's "Model 2" chipset in action at your local arcade. Its first game, Daytona USA, looped you in with its fancy textures, blistering 60 frames-per-second graphics and oh my god there is a giant Sonic the Hedgehog carved into the mountain.

Years after arcade-perfect ports provided the ultimate incentive to get a console, Sega is bringing the "original"Daytona USA to the North American PlayStation Network on October 25th, and to Xbox Live Arcade the following day. Europe will see it in "late November," Sega says. Ten bucks gets you "classic retro graphics" presented in HD, widescreen format, steering wheel support (all wheels for Xbox 360, and only Logitech GT Driving Force on PS3) and eight-player online racing.

Oh, and this version of Dayyyyytoooonnaaa helps you entertain guests with the game's wonderful, unbearable soundtrack in Karaoke Mode ... it says here. "Let's go away," indeed.

Um dos reis dos salões de jogos está de volta! Quem nunca ouviu um DAYTOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAAAA na vida não é digno do oxigénio que respira.

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Isto nas consolas era 1/10 do que era nas arcades.

Nas arcades havia sempre aquele manel que pensava que era alto Fittipaldi a conduzir, daqueles que mete a bela da mudança com a manete entre os dedos e a palma da mão virada para cima.

Velhos tempos!

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TYPE : [ ] DLC [ ] G.O.D [x] XBLA


INSTALL: [x] hdd:/partition3/content/0000000000000000/

UPDATE : [ ] hdd:/partition3/cache/

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