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Remembering Eddie Guerrero


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13 de Novembro faz 6!! anos que o Eddie faleceu. Ainda de me lembro bem de como descobri que ele tinha morrido, e da reacção online que houve. Lembro-me do último combate, e lembro-me que estava marcado para a Smackdown que ia decorrer (as gravações) um Batista (o actual campeão que estava lesionado) vs. Randy Orton vs. Eddie Guerrero pelo WHC (entretanto a Steph já confessou que estava programado o Eddie vencer esse combate).

Bem deixo-vos aqui uma pequena homenagem feito pelo homem do momento. Nunca pensei que fosse atingir este patamar de cara da companhia (a par de Cena claro). Sempre o achei overrated (no inicio nem podia com ele), mas veio-me a calar desde então.

We miss you Eddie!



Edit: Achava que este senhor merecia um tópico próprio por isso é que o criei. De tempos a tempos, venho cá deixar um ou outro clip que demonstre a grandeza do Eddie. Façam o mesmo wink4.gif

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A WWE está a apoiar oficialmente estas homenagens? Desde que se soube que ele tinha morto a mulher e o filho que se desmarcaram dele...

Tás a confundir.. O que tu tás a falar é o Cris Benoit.

facepalm.giffacepalm.giffacepalm.giffacepalm.giffacepalm.giffacepalm.gif para mim. Eu na altura até acompanhava, são sei como fui confundir.

@ Mini0n

Confirma-se que eles apagaram o homem da história da empresa, nem me admirava que não o mostrassem na lista de campeões

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Sim. Em relação ao Benoit, já não fazem referências. Nem comentadores, nem wrestlers (ainda pensei que o CM Punk fosse mandar alguma boca), nem ninguém. Para a WWE o Benoit nunca existiu. Na altura até tinham alterado a descrição dos dvds da WMXX que tinham a venda para "HHH defends his title" (só isto, para quem acompanha sabe o que foi a WMXX e o contributo do Benoit).

De resto só isto: http://us.wwe.com/search/apachesolr_search/Benoit?qterm=Benoit :-..

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Faria hoje 44 anos.

“Happy 44th Birthday Eddie! I love you and you are missed! Thank you to everyone showing your love and respect for Eddie. My daughters and I are humbled and grateful. If Eddie was here today, he would have had a feast of all his fav foods. He always knew how to have fun and celebrate his bday!!!”

“Today is Eddie’s birthday. 44yrs old. I miss him very much! I know many of u do too. Let’s celebrate in his honor! Missed but not forgotten!”

“Eddie, As the best who said it…”VIVA LA RAZA!”

“In honor of Eddie’s birthday, I’m gonna frogsplash the 1st person to piss me off today!”

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Fez ontem 8 anos. Pkp.

Ex-WWE Creative Writer Reveals WrestleMania 22 Plans For Eddie Guerrero

This week on Bauer & Pollock, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer shares his thoughts on the passing of Eddie Guerrero eight years ago this month and reveals plans the sports-entertainment organization had for the legendary grappler at the following year’s WrestleMania pay-per-view event in Chicago, Illinois. Bauer also squashes the rumor of Guerrero being scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Batista during their feud.

Bauer recalls, “It was twenty-four hours before he passed away, I believe. Twenty-four hours, forty-eight hours, something like that. We had a call with Vince at home, and we were talking about the preliminary plans for WrestleMania. I know there’s this romanticized story about how Eddie was going to get the title, and that was the plan that he was going to get it that night or at Survivor Series. That wasn’t the plan. I think Stephanie said that, or alluded to it on the air, and that was not the plan. The plan was that he would lose, and I think they were going to return in December. We had talked about a fascinating idea; I’m not the biggest Bruce Prichard fan, but to his credit, I believe it was Bruce Prichard who pitched putting Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania against Shawn Michaels and doing the parallels of their careers. Being the heartthrob in Mexico and this mercurial figure south of the border, and the American version being HBK.

“They had never really worked, and you would’ve had such a great dynamic between the two with heel Eddie versus Shawn. That’d be your “tear the house down,” high quality match at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago. Vince was like, “God damn, that’s really appealing. We could parallel their careers. What kind of footage of Eddie do we have outside of WCW? We could really do some impressive packages.”

Teria sido um sonho. Um dos dream matches que nunca iremos ter na história da WWE.

We miss u Eddie!

I love you Eddie! Always and Forever!

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