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Heroes Of Newerth Gone Free 2 Play


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Time to get your free game HoN! Heroes of Newerth is now free-to-play, operating under a new model designed to expand the HoN community and enhance the gameplay for our existing fan base. In just over a year’s time we’ve grown to be a community of 540,000 players – a direct testament to our game’s quality. With the transition to free-to-play we’re opening HoN up to new audiences as you can now easily introduce the game to your friends. To learn more about HoN or to create an account and download the game, visit


S2 has a serious level of commitment to our current players to continuously improve both the game and their experience. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the superior experience HoN delivers will remain untouched for our loyal fan base during and after the free-to-play transition. Existing players should read the following post for details on how the new model works and what to expect during the transition.


To further assist both new and existing players, we’ve created a free-to-play FAQ. The FAQ serves to answer all questions each account type may have. The free-to-play FAQ can be viewed at:




The Monkey King is a speedy melee agility character whose abilities manipulate his own movement and disrupts others movements, allowing him to dart across the battlefield and wreak havoc on weaker enemies. Good players will be able to combo his abilities together to create a constant flow of movement and damage. More information on Monkey King’s abilities can be found by viewing his

Spotlight Video.


The Drunken Master is a mobile strength hero who excels at chasing down and picking off individual enemy targets. His unpredictable movements and penchant for idly taking a drink in the midst of a heated battle make him a quirky and immersive hero. Read more about Drunken Master’s abilities, gameplay tips and recommended items here

Spotlight Video.

Herodex – Bringing Guides Out of the Match


The Herodex is a revamped and improved Hero Compendium. At last! Guides will be taken out of matches giving players a chance to take the time to learn strategies and builds for heroes. Players will also be able to see account statistics for each hero for the first time.

Improved Spectator Interface

The Spectator Interface has received a major facelift. With less clutter and more charts, viewers will be able to quickly see match information and statistics. But that’s enough reading about it! Check out the new interface for yourself in this match of Fnatic.MSI (MSI) vs. Online Kingdom (OK), shoutcasted by the one and only BreakyCPK!

New Alt Avatar Shop Interface


Merrick has out done himself by renovating the Alt Avatar section of the shop. You can now search for that perfect Alt Avatar in a visually satisfying way. Each Alt Avatar model is now displayed and can be sorted by name, cost, and more!

do mail oficial

Entrevista à IGN aqui: http://m.uk.ign.com/articles/1184862

Site e criação de conta: http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/

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