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Knights Of Badassdom


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Sexy succubus preys on geeks in 'Knights of Badassdom' -- FIRST LOOK


You take one guy from True Blood (Ryan Kwanten), add a dose of what makes Game of Thrones f—ing awesome (Peter Dinklage), throw in the really hot, kick-ass girl from Firefly and its movie spin-off Serenity (Summer Glau), and you have the recipe for one geektastic cinematic souffle.

The title of this extravaganza: Knights of Badassdom.

The movie, about a group of Dungeons & Dragons-style role-play fans whose wizard-wannabe pal (Steve Zahn) accidentally awakens a human-devouring hell-succubus, will be previewed in detail at Comic-Con next week, but EW scored a first look at photos from the horror-comedy.


Image Credit: Pete Moroz

Getting a cast of actors with a broad history in the sci-fi/fantasy genre added to its pop-culture bona fides. “Literally a year ago was our first week of shooting. With Steve, Ryan, and Peter, I was like, ‘If you guys weren’t making the movie you’d be going to Comic-Con right now,’” says director Joe Lynch, who is making his big screen debut after the 2007 direct-to-video horror sequel Wrong Turn 2.

Zahn and Dinklage play Eric and Hung, two friends obsessed with Live-Action Role Play (a.k.a. LARPing) who decide their depressed roommate, Joe (Kwanten) needs to join in their fake-armor and foam-sword reindeer games. “ Joe is a wannabe rockstar whose girlfriend (Margarita Levieva) broke up with him, his band is kaput, he lost his job, and his buddies are like, ‘Look you had a bad day, but instead of going to a bar, come with us and go LARPing and escape. Live outside your box a little,’” Lynch says.

So Joe dives deep into the world of geek, only to have Eric inadvertently perform a real spell from a creepy old book he bought off eBay. Turns out the book was penned by demons, and a succubus is now roaming the campsite where hundreds of people dressed as knights, elves, and warlocks are playing make-believe.

Oh, and since Joe was the focus of the spell, the demon has taken the form of the girl who ditched him – which means Levieva spends a lot of time creepily seducing – and then shredding – a lot of nerd flesh.


Image Credit: Pete Moroz

Glau co-stars as a fellow LARPer who is actually not bad with a sword. Lucky for the panicky guys, this damsel causes distress.

“I know these people,” says Lynch, who directed the film with a sword named Edith by his side. “I know myself and my own obsessions and this is the type of movie I love to see.”

Though they poke a little fun at the world of LARPing, Lynch says it’s all affectionate. Most of the extras were devoted role-play aficionados themselves.

“I love the idea of wish-fulfillment, that you can work in Baja Fresh or at an office all week but on the weekend you can throw on armor made of pizza boxes or have a sword with duct tape on it and become an elf or a thief or a rogue,” Lynch says. “And the outside world goes away.”

Or you get eaten by a sexy succubus. Whichever comes first.

Fonte: Inside Movies - Entertainment Weekly




Joe Lynch


Peter Dinklage as Hung

Douglas Tait as Abominog

Ryan Kwanten as Joe

Steve Zahn as Eric

Danny Pudi as Lando

Summer Glau as Gwen

Jimmi Simpson as Ronnie Kwok

Margarita Levieva as Beth

Brett Gipson as Gunther

Michael Gladis as King Diamond

Larry Zerner as Shelly

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According to Mr. Bradley, Knights of Badassdom is going to be released theatrically in "the first half of 2013." When I pressed him for specifics on the release strategy (limited vs. wide release, etc.), he said that the results from test screenings would dictate how wide of a release it would ultimately get.


porra tanto tempo para terminarem o filme

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Já aí anda o dvdrip.


E já há algum tempo tinham saído versões web

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