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Growler-E 2011


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Quando vi a imagem do carro no episódio 2 da season 17 do Top Gear, fiquei imediatamente babado.

Eu sou fã de clássicos e o E-type da Jaguar faz claramente parte da minha dreamlist. Mas voltanto ao Growler-E, a Vizualtech conseguiu a proeza de, respeitando o E-type, manter a sua essência actualizando as formas, tornando o carro ainda mais sedutor! (isto claro, no meu entender)








Based on the Jaguar XKR with a supercharged 5.0 Liter V8, the Growler E 2011 Concept produces 600 hp instead of the 510 hp of the XKR, thanks to engine remapping. The composite body is glued on a chassis made of a central carbon fibre core, on which two tubular frames are bolted at the front and rear, supporting engine, steering, transmission and suspensions. The majority of the components and the interior gear are taken from the Jaguar XKR. Thanks to a lighter chassis, the weight is only 1550 kg, about 200 kg less than the Jaguar XKR, which serves as technical basis.

The expected performance should therefore be sensibly better than on the Jaguar XKR, which is already extremely fast. 0-100 km/h should stay under 4 seconds.

Everyone doesn't like the direction taken lately by Jaguar design, initiated by the Jaguar XF and confirmed by the new XJ. There are still many friends of the noble English brand who are nostalgic of the sensual shapes of the XK 120, Mark II, XJ6 and, last but not least, the fantastic Jaguar E-Type. This project was born in the mind of one of these nostalgic fans, who wanted to see the original style again, but up to date and with the latest technology.

The Growler E 2011 Concept is destined to remain unique. However, if there is some demand, a small series could be built by hand, for an unknown price.

...excerto retirado da press release da Vizualtech

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