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Macho Man Randy Savage Killed In Car Accident


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Macho Man Randy Savage Killed in Car Accident

Randy Poffo, better known as 1980s pro wrestling icon Randy "Macho Man" Savage died today at the age of 58 after suffering a heart attack and losing control of his vehicle, TMZ reported today.

The news outlet confirmed the death with Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo.

Savage was best known as one of the top stars of the then-WWF, performing against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat ib March 29, 1987 in Wrestlemania III in what is considered one of the greatest pro wrestling matches of all time. He was both one of the most loved and hated performers in the WWF and the competing WCW, squaring off against the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Ultimate Warrior. He was known for his trademark elbow drop from the top rope, his manager and former wife,the late Elizabeth, and for his seemingly ubiquitous Slim Jim commercials. He held the world championship several times in both companies

As Savage wound down his wrestling career, he briefly gained prominence for acting, performing as a wrestler who competed against Peter Parker in the 2002 movie Spider-Man.

Savage was one of the few wrestlers who had appeared to permanently burn a bridge with the WWF/WWE after his departure from the company in 1994. Unlike Hogan and many others, he never returned. That absence kept him out of the eyes of many and out of many projects, including the popular line of WWE video games. That bridge, however, appeared to finally be mended just months ago when Savage was included as a featured character in THQ's WWE All Stars game, a generation-spanning wrestling fest that allowed today's top stars to square off against yesterday's legends.

In pro wrestling circles, Savage's inclusion in the game was seen as a sign that the great wrestler might finally be honored by his most famous employers and possibly be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in a celebration that would recognize his achievements as one of the premiere entertainers of an American institution.

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Li agora que o Randy fazia 1 ano de casado hoje :rezingao:

Hulk Hogan: I'm completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we've finally started to talk and communicate. He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him. HH

Chris Jericho: Randy Savage was a true influence and inspiration to me and taught me some very important lessons,in and out of the ring. Rest in peace Mach

Bret Hart: I have no words to say. This one hits me hard. We lost one of the best.

Rey Mysterio: RIP Macho Man Randy Savage! Doing promotion in Seattle for Over the Limit ppv, was asked earlier today at a radio station, Who would I Loved to wrestle from back in da day? I said would of loved to hit it off in a 3ple threat, Macho Man, Ricky the Dragon, and myself! RIP RMS!

Tommy Dreamer: Randy Savage was the 1st person I saw piledrive someone thru a table. Thanks 4 all the memories. Hope u walk the aisle w/ Liz & Sherri again...

Justin Roberts: Macho Man...simply awesome. Incredible and entertaining in everything he did. One of the best ever. RIP

Christian: Sad 2 hear about "Macho Man"Randy Savage..Only met him once briefly.No doubt 1 of the best & influenced so many performers you see today RIP

Trish Stratus: Rest in peace Randy-my first inspiration in the ring. My prayers & condolences to the Savage family...

Shannon Moore: RIP Macho Man Randy Savage. One reason I loved wrestling.

Zack Ryder: RIP MACHO MAN. One of my favorites and one of the best of all time. DIG IT!

Será que haverá homenagem no Domingo no Over The Limit? Será que o Vince diz alguma coisa? (existem rumores que o Vince fará um pequeno discurso).

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