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[Rumor] Htc Eternity E Htc Omega

Walt Sousa

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HTC Omega & Eternity in the Works; Rumored to Sport Windows Phone 7.5

Look what we have here. We just stumbled upon bits of information suggesting the possible launch of not one but two Windows Phone 7.5 handsets from the house of HTC – named HTC Omega and HTC Eternity. Details are too scarce, yet what we have appears to be quite impressive.

HTC Omega is almost similar to the HTC Trophy. It comes featured with a 3.8 inch SLCD screen, wide-angle 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and DLNA support. In all probability, the Omega will be a lower end device like the Trophy.

The other device – HTC Eternity – might come powered by Mango. The features include a massive 4.7 inch AMOLED screen, wide-angle 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and DLNA, and not to mention the microHDMI out. On the processor front, both the handsets would feature processors that run at 1.5 GHz. This one is as similar as the processor featured in tablets from HTC, which was leaked recently.

However, the company does not own the trademarks of these devices currently. No other reference regarding the same is known yet. Until we receive or find any confirmation or at least pictures of the devices, we guess we will treated them as just rumors.

Earlier, we had heard that HTC was working on a high-end Windows Phone 7 smartphone codenamed "Bresson" and now get to hear about two more devices from the same manufacturer. Don't' these tidbits sound like big plans? It is apparent that HTC is lining something big, with an array of brand new devices. Stay tuned as we go get more info for you.


A noticia (por enquanto apenas rumor) já está aí espalhada em vários sites. Duas das próximas "BOMBAS" da HTC podem trazer Windows Phone 7,5.

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HTC Eternity – 4.7 Inch ??????? :blink:

Isso já é quase uma "tablete"

Tá na moda agora coisas "grandes". Tb acho que chega a um ponto e já não há bolso que aguente. Eu que tenho a mania de andar com o smartphone sempre no bolso com um brutamontes desses teria de comprar uma malinha só para o levar. :-..

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