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Sony Ericsson Incentiva A Modificarem E Flasharem Roms Nos Seus Terminais Android


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Sony Ericsson teaches you kernel building and how to flash it to your SE smartphone

The Sony Ericsson Developer Blog recently published details including a step by step walk-through showing code-savvy users how to build and then flash their own custom Linux kernels onto their Sony Ericsson Android devices.


Building on feedback taken from forums such as XDA, the walk-through aims to help users get around troubles such as building and flashing your own custom image (if you are into that sort of thing).

Once you’ve unlocked the boot loader, the walk-through shows you how to build a kernel and configure compatibility with the ARM architecture used on Sony Ericsson handsets. It then progresses to creating your custom image and finally flashing it to your device. There’s a whole host more information on what to do and how it works in the source article but it’s great to see companies like Sony Ericsson opening up their devices in this way and a shame that more don’t. What’s more, it’s great Sony Ericsson is embracing the open-source dev community and is trying to be as friendly as possible.

Sony Ericsson are quick to remind prospective coders that if they plan on carrying out any of these actions, there’s no going back. A flashed devices stays flashed and it will also most certainly void your warranty. Still interested? The full guide and links to the necessary software can all be found in the source. Assuming your device is one of the 2011 models, go unlock your boot loader and get coding.

Blog da Sony com mais informações: http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/developerworld/2011/05/06/how-to-build-a-linux-kernel/

Isto é um enorme passo para a comunidade e o mundo Android. Após esta decisão da Sony Ericsson é de esperar que outras marcas sigam os mesmos passos.

Tudo bem que hoje em dia, a comunidade já o faça. Mas com o apoio das marcas, não precisam de Hackar possíveis seguranças que a marca tenha colocado, e melhor que isso, as marcas podem fornecer os drivers para melhor compatibilidades.

Este é o verdadeiro objectivo do Open Source :)

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Finalmente começa-se a chegar a algum lado...


Isto vai ir ate o os Smartphones serem tipo um normal computador. Em que temos uma Bios, e podemos instalar um Sistema Operativo. Depois instalamos as Drivers e pronto.

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  • 4 months later...
Sony Ericsson supports independent developers


In developer forums worldwide, there is a huge activity and engagement in the open Android™ ecosystem. And we also know there are a lot of independent developers out there who are creating their own custom ROMs or modifying the kernel. The Sony Ericsson Developer program is following this community with great interest, and even though Sony Ericsson is not supporting all the activities by independent developers, we recognize that custom ROMs are a part of the Android ecosystem.

We therefore decided to assist a group of developers called “FreeXperia”. The overall open developer community is important to Sony Ericsson, and we hope to learn from it, and share knowledge ourselves. The FreeXperia group was supported with devices and technical know-how, and they are now in the process of creating custom ROMs based on the CyanogenMod for several of our latest Xperia™ phones, including Xperia™ PLAY and Xperia™ arc.

Karl-Johan Dahlström, Head of Developer Relations, explains more after the jump.

Important note: By unlocking your phone and running a custom ROM you may void the warranty. See your phone’s warranty statement for details.

Back in the spring of earlier this year, Sony Ericsson announced and released the option to unlock the boot loader for 2011 Xperia™ phones. We then moved on to explain how to build your own Linux kernel. As a third step, we have now supported the FreeXperia group. The reason for this is that we firmly believe in the openness of Android™, and we are really impressed by the huge activity shown in our products. By being supportive and open, we hope to both learn from the open community, and also share knowledge when that is possible.

During some time now, the FreeXperia group of independent developers have been working on the CyanogenMod custom ROM for our latest Xperia™ phones. From a Sony Ericsson Developer program perspective, we were impressed by the passion shown and decided to help out with some bits and pieces, since we are aware that Sony Ericsson phones have been somewhat difficult to work with from an open developer point of view. A few proprietary solutions needed to be explained and we helped them with that. This included the camera, where we provided debugged and rebuilt camera library binaries, which we will soon make available on Developer World under a special EULA license. We also supported the group with approximately 20 devices, to make their work easier.

However, please pay attention to this important and legal fine-printed text that you should not skip. We once again must make it clear that if you unlock the boot loader, and put a custom ROM on your phone, you may void your warranty. Sony Ericsson does not guarantee any functionality of your phone while going down this road. This is for advanced developers only, who are aware of the risks involved and have the knowledge to minimise the risks. For normal consumers, we strongly recommend NOT to unlock the boot loader and use custom ROMs, as it is not needed. We are proud to deliver great phone experiences through our rigorously tested and official software releases.

Overall, we do think the initiative to support these independent developers is a way for Sony Ericsson to show our support to the open developer community. We truly hope to make a difference in the world of Android™.

Karl-Johan Dahlström

Head of Developer Relations

Sony Ericsson

Fonte: Blog Oficial da Sony Ericsson.

Se as outras marcas não seguirem os mesmos passos, o meu proximo Android será um Sony Ericsson.

Uma atitude de aplaudir.

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A HTC também acho que suporta a comunidade, dá mais trabalho, mas podes pedir um código para desbloquear o bootloader ou assim não é?

Tanta coisa, mas dizem que pode dar cabo da garantia...dá com uma mão e depois tira com a outra...

Mas a SE não faz apenas isso.

Eles vão fornecer à Team Freexperia(que se uniu à Cyanogen Team), as ferramentas necessárias e os drivers do hardware.

Ou seja, quando o Android 4.0 sair, mesmo que a SE não actualize o Xperia Arc oficialmente, a comunidade tem os drivers necessários para meter o novo Kernel a bombar.

Esse é o actual problema... O que actualmente fazem, é adaptar Kernel mais antigos para funcionarem nos novos Android, quando não existe actualização oficial. Na SE isso acaba, vão ter sempre o Kernel mais recente.

O facto de eles dizerem que viola a garantia, é relacionado com as regras do nosso operador, deixam isso bem claro.

Mas como tu bem sabes, é completamente possivel reverter o telemovel às origens sem a operadora dar por ela wink4.gif

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O giro é que eles também só anunciaram isso depois de finalmente conseguirem crackar o bootloader e a FreeXperia desenvolver custom kernels para os aparelhos que a SE não desbloqueia oficialmente o bootloader.

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O giro é que eles também só anunciaram isso depois de finalmente conseguirem crackar o bootloader e a FreeXperia desenvolver custom kernels para os aparelhos que a SE não desbloqueia oficialmente o bootloader.

Já em Maio deste ano eles tinham indicado que iam ajudar os developers.

E a SE ao ver que fazem Custom Kernels, deve pensar: "Se já os fazem, então que o façam com as melhores ferramentas disponíveis."

Ficam todos a ganhar... Além dos SE ficarem a ser bem apetecíveis à comunidade.

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