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Para quem quiser dar uma vista de olhos




Parece interessante, e como deve ter fim porque a BBC não interrompe séries a meio, vou ver se cativa :-..

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Gostei bastante, meio série meio doc, bem bom mesmo.

Começa por esta narração :

2,500 years ago,

the Greek philosopher Plato wrote of

an island he called Atlantis...

..that was swallowed up by the sea in

a single day and night.

Vanishing without a trace.

Ever since,

people have wondered where this

mysterious island might have been,

or whether it was all just a myth.

New research suggests that

Plato's story

was based on real events.

Recent underwater explorations

off the Greek island of Santorini

have revealed deposits

from a massive volcanic eruption.

One of the greatest in human history.

And on Santorini itself,

archaeologists have uncovered

an ancient city.

A lost world

buried by the catastrophe.

Based on the latest

scientific research,

this is the story

of an incredible island,

the people that lived there...

..and the extraordinary last days

that inspired the legend of Atlantis.

(tirado dum srt sem timings)

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Este foi, e no fim um gajo até fica a pensar que o tsunami de 2004 foi um simples abanico...

Sem querer fazer spoiler, se é para contar a história de Atlantis, não vejo mesmo o que sobra contar depois deste episódio.

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