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Latest Xbl Exploit Takes Aim At User's Credit Cards


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Microsoft has posted a Service Alert, warning Xbox Live users that their credit cards have been compromised by hackers through a Modern Warfare 2 exploit.

"Users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2," the warning reads.

What Microsoft hasn't said is how to know if you've been hacked, how to prevent it from happening and why this is happening now. However, a quick glance at recent posts on the Xbox.com forum unveils statements from individual XBL users who have been attacked - some who have been hit as far back as a month ago and are still waiting for Microsoft to respond.

Also, it seems Modern Warfare 2 isn't the only game that hackers are using to access user information.

"I was de-ranked and my points are now in the negative in Call of Duty 4," XBL user PIOAKADRAMAFREE wrote. "I had a 55 gold cross [rank] and my score on the leaderboard was 55k. After getting hacked, I have a 1 gold cross and a negative score. The player and I exchanged private messages and within those messages he demanded that $10 be paid to him through Paypal to unhack my account."

This news comes following Sony's recent announcement that 77 million Playstation Network users' accounts, including credit card information, have been accessed by cyber criminals.

Internet-capable consoles have seen their fair share of exploits and hackers over the years, but mostly good things have come from these communities: doing crazy things in Linux-enabled PS3s, making homebrew games for the Wii and letting PSP users get rid of their discs and run their PS1 games before Sony did. However, this past week suggests a much darker presence that hackers can have on console gaming.

Xbox Live has seen its fair share of phishing scams in the past, but these attempts relied on pretending to be Xbox support and tricking users into giving their information through email. These recent Call of Duty cyber-attacks are the first time users have had their information accessed in-game, via hackers' modded Xbox 360s.

Stay tuned for updates but, for now, you might want to avoid playing any Call of Duty titles online. Excuse me but I have to get back to obsessively checking my bank account...

Fonte: Xbox.com

Parece que alguns utilizadores da Xbox 360 se vão lixar à semelhança dos utilizadores da PS3...

Isto está a ficar feio...

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Prontos, isto é um caso de black hats a fazer mal única e exclusivamente aos users do xbl, esses gajos devem levar na corneta sim senhor. (há vários niveis de hacking, a malta mete sempre tudo no mesmo cesto... [irony]todos os adeptos do fcp são ultras que mandam calhaus nos autocarros e procuram fazer merda... cada um deles.[/irony])

o caso do psn é bem diferente, a $ony nem tem a certeza que os dados bancários foram roubados.

Infinity Ward exploits ftw, os jogos deles têm mais buracos que um queijo suíço... :y: (fdx, lembro de quando jogava mw2 no live, havia tanto, mas tanto cheat que até metia nojo de jogar a esse jogo.)

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