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"For a year and a half we followed two professional CounterStrike teams – "Team 3D" and "Complexity Clan" – around the country and the globe. We filmed them in their hometowns, hotel rooms, at tournaments and even at the bars (when we didn't have a beverage in our hand ourselves.) After a year of compiling the nearly 250 hours of captured footage we are putting together the final cut of the film and pre-selling the early release DVD online.

After a long and challenging post production process, we are pleased to announce the release of E-@thletes in a one and two disc version. The two disc version is jam packed with a bunch of extras, including the making of documentary and footage from Complexity and 3D's final 1.6 match up. Thank you all for supporting this project.

We hope that you enjoy our portrayal of one of the

best rivalries in gaming history."

Ficaria muito agradecido a quem me arranjasse torrent deste filme :coolmusic:

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