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Game Puzzle

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para o primeiro

1,A Endless Ocean

1,B Twisted Metal

1,C Half-Life

1,D Halo

1,E Wii Sports

1,F Odin Sphere

2,A Left 4 Dead

2,B Myst

2,C Saints Row

2,D Lost In Blue

2,E Area 51

2,F Altered Beast

3,A Killer 7

3,B Scribblenauts.

3,C Eternal Darkness? Time Shift?

3,D Angry Birds

3,E Q-bert

3,F Chrono Cross

4,A Space Invaders

4,B Elite Beat Agents

4,C Assassins Creed

4,D Golden Axe

4,E Dead Rising

4,F Star Ocean

5,A Mega Man

5,B The Orange Box

5,C littlebigplanet

5,D Double Dragon

5,E Ultima Online

5,F Sid Meier's Pirates!

6,A Dance Dance Revolution

6,B Fallout

6,C Indigo Prophecy/Rainbow Six

6,D Silent Hill

6,E Neverwinter Nights

6,F F-Zero

Para o segundo

1a - One Must Fall

1b - CoD World at War

1c - Medal of Honor

1d - Goldeneye

1e - Dig Dug

1f - Counterstrike

2a - Audiosurf

2b - Pokemon

2c - Perfect Dark

2d - Soul Caliber

2e - Gears of War 2

2f - Dead Space

3a - Animal Crossing

3b - Uncharted

3c - Shadow of the Collosus

3d - Time Crisis

3e - Intelligent Cube

3f - Metroid Prime

4a - Wipeout

4b - Morrowind

4c - Torchlight

4d - Army of Two

4e - Borderlands

4f - Midnight Club

5a - Bayonetta

5b - Heavy Rain

5c - Just Cause

5d - Dark Sector

5e - StarCraft

5f - SWAT 4

6a - FarCry

6b - Red Faction

6c - Centipede

6d - Bomber Man

6e - Portal

6f - Portal 2

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Consegui estas:

1c-Half Life

1f-Odin's Sphere

2a-Left 4 Dead

2e-Area 51

3f-Chrono Cross

4a-Space Invaders

4c-Assassin's Creed

5b-Orange Box

5d-Double Dragon

5e-Ultima Online


6d-Silent Hill

1a-One Must Fall

1e-Dig Dug




3c-Shadow Of The Colossus

3f-Metroid Other M?



5c-Just Cause

6a-Far Cry

6b-Red Faction


6ef-Black & White

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Não usei nenhum search engine ^^

porque dizes que o 1D é o Halo?

o 1D é o Zelda Ocarina of Time

quem jogou não pode ouvir mais o HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY LISTEN!!!!!

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Não, a lógica é um Hey Low, um Hey em baixo. Hey Low ou Halo soam ao mesmo.

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